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Lesson 6: Selecting Assessment Methodologies

When choosing assessment methodologies, it is important to select methods that will enable the Program to determine to what extent the learning outcomes have been achieved by graduates. Keeping the following guidelines in mind will better ensure appropriate assessment methodology selection:

  1. All articulated learning outcomes for the program should be addressed in the assessment methodology(ies).
  2. It is preferable to use multiple assessment measures. There are direct and indirect measures of learning achievement. Give primary attention to the selection of the direct measure of learning achievement.

    Examples of methods which directly measure student learning include:

    • pre/post tests
    • skill demonstrations
    • capstone courses/projects
    • internships
    • portfolios
    • standardized exams
    • licensure, certification or professional exams, etc.

    Examples of methods which indirectly measure student learning include:

    • information gathered from alumni, employers and students
    • retention and transfer rates
    • graduate follow-up surveys
    • success of students in subsequent institutional settings
    • job placement rates, etc. (NCA Handbook of Accreditation, Second Edition, September 1997, pp. 44)

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