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Lesson 2: Problem Posting

Use Problem Posting to find out what students already know about a topic, to stimulate interest in the subject, and to clarify any misconceptions.

Time: Approximately ten to twenty minutes


  1. Before introducing a topic such as asthma, ask the students to first put in writing what they know about asthma. If it's the first day of class, ask instead what they know or have heard about the course.
  2. After approximately three to five minutes, ask for one or two volunteers to share what they wrote and post their ideas on the board. Then ask if anyone has anything different and add this to what is written on the board. Continue until there are no more volunteers.
  3. While writing the students' ideas on the board, gently clarify their perceptions and correct any misconceptions. By the end of this activity everything on the board will be correct.


  1. All students have an opportunity to participate during the written portion, and those who wish, can also participate in the large group "posting" portion of the activity.
  2. The instructor has an opportunity to find out what the students already know, as well as clarify any misconceptions and/or reinforce what is understood about the topic.
  3. Students can apply their life experiences and/or education to the topic.
  4. Problem posting helps establish an atmosphere where the instructor does not dominate.
  5. It conveys the message that instructors can listen, as well as talk.
  6. This technique helps students feel more ownership for the content and what they are learning.

Lessons: Index, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, References

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