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Lesson 2: Your Username and Password

LCC Username (Formerly the TUID, Technology User IDentification)

Your Username is automatically assigned by a computer program within minutes of your enrollment as a student or when Information Technology Services (ITS) receives your paperwork from Human Resources (HR) as a new hire. It is a unique identifier, which does not change regardless of your employment status, enrollment, or any changes to your name. Generally, the Username is a combination of your LastName + YourFirstInital + Numbers added to make it unique. It is used as a basis for the formation of your LCC accounts, access to LCC systems and your LCC email address.


When you initially activate your LCC account, you will be asked to set your password. You may change your password at any time. No one in our system, including system administrators, have access to your password. Under no circumstances, should you ever share your password or even share your methods for its creation. Password sharing increases your liability and the person with whom you share it, especially if your account is hacked or subject to misuse. Penalties for account misuse can extend from a simple reprimand to criminal prosecution.

Password Formation

LCC Password Policy Guidelines

When you are setting your password, the system will evaluate the strength of your password (see the graphic to the right for an example) and let you know when your password meets the minimum standards for an LCC password. Generally, your password must be a minimum of eight and can be up to thirty characters long and meet three of the four standards below to be acceptable. Your password must contain at least one:

  1. Upper case letter.
  2. Lower case letter.
  3. Numeric character.
  4. Special (punctuation) character (avoid the use of "@" or a period in your password).

Password Maintenance

The password maintenance links are available on the myLCC login screen. Go to LCC’s homepage and click on the myLCC Sign In link at the top of the page. You will immediately be directed to the myLCC login screen, which includes the links for password maintenance. No login is required to access these links.

Maintaining Your LCC Password

If you have not activated your LCC account, you won’t be able to log into an LCC computer. You may temporarily use "techid" as both the Username and password to log in to an LCC computer. Once logged in, activate your LCC account ASAP. The activation process will include resetting your password, setting the method for password recovery (send recovery link to a mobile device or allow recovery after asking questions that you have preset) and challenge questions if applicable. Should the automatic password recovery process go awry, call the Help Desk at 517-483-5221.

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