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Lesson 3: myLCC

myLCC Roles

myLCC is the college’s portal. Access to the various tools and tabs are determined by your role(s) at the college. A faculty member will automatically be assigned an employee role and a faculty role. If a faculty member becomes a student, or has been a student in the past, that role is added to their myLCC account automatically.

Signing into myLCC

To log in to myLCC, go to LCC’s homepage and click on the myLCC Sign In link and the login screen for the myLCC portal will appear. Type in your Username and Password and you will see the News page in the portal.


The myLCC portal is divided into three sections: the Toolbar, the Navigation tabs, and the Widgets area.

Navigating myLCC

The News (Tab)

The News page includes informational articles for employees, faculty, and students. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the Announcements widget on the News page for items that demand immediate attention.

The Work (Tab)

Work Tab

The work tab contains a number of widgets useful to faculty.

Employment Details widget (pay and benefits)

Employment Details Widget

Available using the Banner Self-Service menu or by using the Employment Details widget on the myLCC > Work tab page.

Time Sheet

Full and part-time faculty do not need to submit a Time Sheet. Any exception time (i.e., meetings, course development, sick leave, etc.) will be submitted by your Department Timekeeper.

Faculty Grade Assignment widget

Final grades for each class you teach will need to be submitted using Banner. While access to the Banner Final Grades form is available through the Faculty Services section of the Banner Self-Service screen, a grade widget is also available in the myLCC > Work tab (e.g., below right). Click the icon to access the grade sheet for a particular class. The icons provide the grade status information for your courses (shown below). Detailed instructions and assistance for entering final grades is available through the CTE in TLC 324 and online at this webpage.

Faculty Grade Assignment widget
Incompletes and Test Cover Sheets

Special Instructions for entering Incompletes or "I" Grades

If an instructor assigns an "I" grade, they need to complete an Incomplete Grade Form that outlines how the grade should be assigned if no further work is completed and the reason for awarding the incomplete. All incompletes must be finished by the end of the next regular semester (summer semester is excluded) or earlier if an earlier date is established by the instructor or department. This form is available under myLCC > Work tab > Employee eToolbox widget > Incomplete Grade Form. Instructions for completing this form can be found at this webpage.

Test Cover Sheets

If you have a student that needs to use the Assessment Center to take a proctored test, you must submit a Test Cover Sheet Form, along with the test (hard copy if it is not online). The Employee eToolbox includes a link to the Test Cover Sheet Form under the Faculty Services area. For instructions on completing a Test Cover Sheet, visit this webpage.

Banner Self-Service

Most of the tasks a faculty member must complete can be accomplished using the Employment Details and the Faculty Grade Assignment widgets mentioned previously. Access to these and some additional Banner services may be found using the Banner link in the toolbar.

Banner Self-Service

There are two tasks faculty members often perform that can only be achieved using the Self Service menus: Enrollment Verification and printing a Class List.

Enrollment Verification

Banner Self-Service: LCC Class List and Enrollment Verification

All instructors teaching classes that start at the beginning of the semester are required to verify enrollment in their courses by week two of the semester. Non-attending students are dropped from the class roster. To complete Enrollment Verification:

  1. Click on the Faculty Services tab.
  2. Click on the Enrollment Verification menu item.
  3. Select the current semester and the CRN for the class.
  4. At this point, a list of students with empty dropdown boxes will appear.
  5. Select NO in the dropdown box for any student that has not attended class. For students who have attended class, leave the box blank.
  6. For all other students, make no change to the dropdown box.
  7. After verifying that the attendance information is correct, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Printing a complete class list (LCC Class List)

  1. Click on the Faculty Services tab.
  2. Click on the LCC Class List menu item.
  3. Select the current semester and the CRN for the class you wish to print.
  4. A list of students, including their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., will appear.
  5. At this point, you can print or save the list in a format that is spreadsheet compatible.

  6. Lessons: Index, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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