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Lesson 1: LCC Networks

The Administrative Network

The administrative network is available to all LCC employees and provides employee access to all student resources, office printers, and network disk drives (Fleetwood).

The network attached file spaces appear to be disk drives in Windows File Manager when a user is connected to the LCC network. The files spaces are allocated in the following manner:

  1. Fleetwood H: Drive – This is a personal file area for each employee to save files. These files are managed, edited, written, and modified at the individual user’s discretion.
  2. Fleetwood N: Drive – This file space is a divisional/departmental area intended to facilitate file sharing within groups. Document Managers in the department/division control access to these folders. Individual users in that group should have read, write, and modify rights within this folder.
  3. Fleetwood O: Drive – This file space is intended to allow divisions/departments to share files and information campus wide. Document Managers in the department/division control access to these folders. Individual users can request folders from the Document Manager that allow the user read, write, and modify rights within that folder. Folders on this drive are open to read only access for all other college users.
  4. The Express Server – This file space can be found at the \\express\faculty\YourUsername location on the administrative network. It is a good place for video and other instructional files that are large or have a complex directory structure. Files on the Express Server have the unique characteristic that they can be linked to web pages like those found in Desire2Learn.

Anyone using an employee login and hard-wire access (plugged into a network port) to the LCC network, has automatic access to the Fleetwood server. In addition, all LCC computers that share a LCCA wireless connection to the network can access this server.

Off campus, access to Fleetwood disk drives can be obtained by installing the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Virtual Private Network (VPN) software on their computer. The AnyConnect software can be installed on college computers or on personal computers. A link to install the AnyConnect software is located at this webpage. If you are unsure about installing the AnyConnect software on your computer, or your connection status, call the Help Desk at 517-483-5221 for assistance.

File Folders in the LCC "Cloud"

Log into myLCC from the LCC homepage, click on the Outlook Web link in the Toolbar and select the OneDrive link in the Outlook Web toolbar. You can store and share files (up to 25 gigabytes) in this area.

The Student Network

The student network allows student computers and mobile devices to access the internet and student printers using a wireless connection called LCCguest. Generally, student printers are found in various classrooms and labs across the campus or in public college areas. For a student to use this service they must log in to the LCCguest wireless network using their Username and password. Employees also have access to the various student printers.

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