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Lesson 2.2.1: One Minute Paper

  1. At the end of a class session, the instructor poses one or two questions over a particular instructional event. At the onset of the semester, it is probably important that the students' responses be anonymous to allow them to respond freely. As students become more comfortable with the process, their responses can be signed or signing can be voluntary.
  2. The typical one minute paper asks "What is the most significant thing you learned today?" And, "What do you need explained more clearly?" (See more examples under "One Minute Sample Questions.")

Benefits To Students

  1. Students are required to translate concepts into their own words.
  2. It provides an opportunity for closure and review of what has taken place in class.
  3. Writing across the curriculum is reinforced.
  4. Students have an opportunity to articulate what they understand, and what they are unsure about. This can help them identify areas for further study and review.
  5. It provides a safe forum for expressing concerns, identifying problems and asking for help.

Benefits To Teachers

  1. Students' comprehension of the content is better assessed by the instructor.
  2. Widespread problems can be determined.
  3. Teachers can respond to students in writing, thereby personalizing the learning process.
  4. It can be used in large classes to obtain quick feedback.
  5. The next class session can be started by addressing the areas of strength and any difficulties addressed in the one minute papers.


Students work in pairs, sharing each others responses and trying to answer each others questions.

One Minute Paper Sample Questions

  1. What is the most significant thing that you learned today?
  2. What question remains uppermost in your mind?
  3. Jot down three or four key concepts or main ideas from today's class.
  4. How can I help you understand the concept that is giving you the most difficulty?
  5. How are the questions asked during class contributing to your learning?
  6. What did you learn today that you think is totally unimportant?
  7. What mannerisms do I have that interfere with your learning?
  8. Complete the following statement: "As I understand it, the main idea or concept of today's lesson was ..." Or, "An application of the ______________is..."
  9. What did you learn today that you will use/apply?

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