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Lesson 2.2.8: Exam Feedback Questionnaire

Attach the following questionnaire to a quiz or exam. At the top of the questionnaire, include the following instructions. "When you have finished the quiz, please complete the following questionnaire."

  1. How well did the questions reflect the content and what was emphasized in class?
  2. Which questions challenged you to think and why?
  3. How much time did you spend studying for the quiz?
  4. Will you spend more or less time studying for the next quiz? Why?
  5. Were you clear as to what the questions were asking? List the numbers of those questions which you were not clear about.
  6. What grade do you expect on this quiz?

Lessons: Index, 1, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.2.4, 2.2.5, 2.2.6, 2.2.7, 2.2.8, 3, References

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