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How to Generate Testing Services Cover Sheets

By following the instructions below, you will be able to complete your Testing Services Cover Sheets.

Starting Point

  1. Log into myLCC using your Username.
  2. Click on the Work tab. In the box entitled Employee eToolbox, click on Test Cover Sheets Form link under the faculty services category. At this point, a listing of the classes you are currently teaching is displayed. To the right of each class is an icon (page and pencil) used to create a new cover page. To the left of each class title is a triangle (twisty). Clicking on the triangle will expose a list of all cover sheets generated for that class.

To Create a New Cover Sheet

  1. Click on the create a new cover sheet icon (New Cover Sheet Icon)
  2. Start by selecting whether the test is Online, Lecture/Make-Up(face-to-face), Lecture/ODSS, Hybrid or Nursing.
  3. Under Instructor Details, Your name, email, on and off campus phone numbers should already appear in their respective fields. If not, you can enter them manually.
  4. Under Test Details, fill-in the Test Name, Time Limit (if there is no limit, type "none"), Due Date and Open Date fields (the open date field will default to the present date).
  5. Under Materials Allowed During the Test, check all resources students are allowed to use during the test. If a check box has a second text box to the right, type the requested information.
  6. Under Select Students, check all students who will need a cover sheet generated.
  7. Under Special Instructions, type any special instructions, passwords, or other materials that you want included on the printed cover sheet.
  8. Under Proctor Instructions, type any special instructions that you need to communicate with the proctor. Instructions in this box will generate a second page that is given to the proctor.
  9. Just above the Submit button there is a box that if checked, will send the completed cover sheet(s) to the Testing Services. You may only use this option if the tests are administered via electronic means such as using D2L.
  10. Click the Submit button when all of the above fields and check boxes are completed. This returns you to the Test Cover Sheet Form listing. If you checked the Check this box to send the cover sheets to the Testing Services electronically box, you are finished.

To Print Your Cover Sheet

  1. Click on the triangle to the left of the class title and a listing of all cover sheets generated for that class will be shown.
  2. Click on the title (the Test Name is used for the title) of the cover sheet that you want to print. A new page with the first student selected will be displayed.
  3. Click the File Tab > then the Print Menu item > then the Print button and your cover sheet(s) will print.

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