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The CTE, as it is commonly known on campus, is a department dedicated to supporting the teaching, learning, and instructional technology goals of Lansing Community College educators. As you move through this website, enjoy discovering the wealth of information and resources available to you.

Enhancing Learning

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Workshops & Courses

The CTE draws facilitators from the talented and diverse faculty and staff of Lansing Community College. Each semester brings a new variety of enriching topics.


Services & Support

Individual, Small Group and Departmental Consultations are available to suit your needs. In such a consultation, the CTE can address your specific areas of concern.


CTE Resources

The CTE has assembled a Faculty Guide to provide an overview of its services, and to explain how the CTE can help you accomplish your teaching and learning goals.

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Faculty Orientation

The goals of the Faculty Orientation sessions are to create a welcoming transition for new instructors and connect them to LCC resources and services.



CTE Library

The CTE's library of books, journals, and videotapes is located within the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Send an Applegram online

Send an Applegram online

An Applegram is a kind of telegram that a student or LCC Employee can send to an instructor or staff member who has made a positive difference in their life.

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