Lansing Community College

Responsibilities of All Employees

Everyone has a personal responsibility to help keep the LCC community healthy.

  • Masks are optional in all LCC locations, indoors and outdoors.
  • Stay home when you are sick and notify your supervisor.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Do not share equipment or supplies.
  • Clean your workspace with disinfecting wipes each day it is used.
  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms while at work, please notify your supervisor and go home immediately. If you need assistance, contact Public Safety at 517-483-1800. If your symptoms resemble COVID-19 symptoms, please contact a medical professional as soon as possible.
  • Help protect yourself and your community by getting vaccinated against COVID-19, if you are able.

Your Emotional Well-Being

All employees are eligible to use LCC's free, confidential employee assistance program. This is a challenging time for everyone, and the employee assistance program offers you access to professional counselors who can help you manage stress, grief and loss, relationships, substance abuse, family matters and other anxieties.

The EAP also offers legal and financial consultations.

Additional resources can be found at our Employee Wellness website.

 Q&As regarding Remote Work Procedure/ Guidelines 

Are the previously assigned categories of primary remote and primary face-to face still applicable? 

Yes. These categories, which established the range of required days on campus, were used in December 2021 to assist in creating work schedules as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Currently, in any area of the college that can support hybrid work, employee schedules continue to focus on the number of days needed on campus to meet face-to-face service needs, and to ensure a robust on-campus presence with an appropriate level of employee-campus connectivity. Consistent with our Remote Work Policy, these determinations are made by the respective Executive Leadership Team members and coordinated with administrative supervisors. 

Are employees required to use their personal cell phones?

Use of personal phones is not required. Webex calling is available for communicating with LCC colleagues, and soft phones are available for communicating with external contacts.

What type of technological resources is the college providing to support remote work?

The college may provide equipment such as monitors, docking stations and keyboards, contingent upon Executive Leadership Team approval. Employees interested in and approved for remote work are responsible for ensuring they have a reliable internet connection. Additionally, technical assistance is available vie the Help Desk and the 5Star Service Center.

If an employee-administrative supervisor discussion does not resolve a work schedule concern informally, what is the next step?

The employee or the administrative supervisor may consult with labor relations professionals for assistance, consistent with our practice to address other issues related to working conditions. Please email if you have further questions.

How do we make sure people who are sick do not come to campus?

This is an ongoing culture change, and we need your help! It takes every one of us making personal decisions to stay home for things we might have considered a minor, personal inconvenience in the past – a sore throat, a persistent cough

It also requires faculty to allow students to stay home when they are sick, and supervisors to be flexible with employees. We all need to be compassionate and understanding of people’s individual situations and comfort levels.

Is the COVID-19 Sick Leave Bank still available?

Yes. It is currently available, details can be found at our COVID Sick Leave Pay website. Employees who have an accumulation of leave time totaling less than 250 hours may draw from the COVID-19 Sick Leave Bank for approved absences related to the COVID-19.

I have a question you didn’t answer!

Please continue to email We do monitor it and respond to inquiries, and it is a valuable source of information for our decision-makers about how our community is doing. We also seek to weave questions into our regular communications, so please read The Star and operations emails each week.



If you have further questions or concerns, please contact or