Lansing Community College

Engineering Controls

Following recommendations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, LCC plans to institute a number of engineering controls. Engineering controls are considered one of the most effective protective measures because they do not rely on human behavior to be effective.

Examples of engineering controls LCC is exploring or has already implemented include:

  • Installing touch-free door openers at ADA door locations
  • Installing clear, plastic sneeze guards at customer service areas
  • Increasing ventilation through the HVAC system
  • Increasing room spacing and decreasing seating capacity in open areas
  • Moving toward touchless bathrooms as resources allow

Sanitation and Cleaning

LCC has also implemented enhanced cleaning protocols to reduce the spread of illness. We have worked with our contractor, WFF Facility Services, to enhance cleaning protocols and increase frequency of cleanings. This includes a particular focus on high-touch areas, like door handles.

In addition, the college is making hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes more readily available across locations.

In event that an employee, student or individual known to have been on campus tests positive for COVID-19, LCC will work with the local health department to determine how to proceed. It is likely there will be a few days of disruption to operations that could impact work spaces, classrooms, or, in some cases, entire buildings. This disruption will allow us to sanitize spaces and circulate fresh air.


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