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Step on stage and unlock your inner rockstar with Madz on Rockstar Mentality. In the early journey of life, there can be a lot of uncertainty as you begin paving your path to success. As a former LCC student and current college student at Ferris State University building her persona as a musician and speaker, Madz finds herself in the same boat. In Rockstar Mentality, she uses her relatable experiences, raw honesty, and stripped advice to connect with others and be a voice for her generation. Put yourself in the spotlight and be the front man of your own life. Don't miss out on this bi-weekly show featuring star-powered guests, tips and tricks, and secrets to fueling the rockstar in you. Wanna talk about it? Go to @madzrocks_ on instagram.


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The Host

Luci Solis


Madz is a mid-Michigan based drummer, DJ, and influencer sparking fire on social media with a spunky and raw personality. She has also appeared in a growing number of middle and high schools, turning your average homecoming, winterfest, or prom into an electric nightclub that students fall in love with. Building a strong bond with students through these events, she saw an opportunity to be a voice for them. She has a passion to connect with others, lift and encourage them, and make an impact with honesty and positivity. She has been nationally recognized by names like Tony Kornhesier from "Pardon The Interruption" and "The Tony Kornheiser Show", Inspiring Teens Magazine, and more.

Madz is dedicated to being an upbeat, loud, and positive influence on others to change the game and live your dreams. She summarizes this with two simple words; ALL IN.

Reach Madz on Tiktok and Instagram at @madzrocks_