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Manufacturing in Michigan means progress. Your path to an excellent salary and an evolving, exciting career starts with us. Whether you’re interested in advanced lathe mechanizations or the intricate operations of an entirely robotic arm, our industry is your vehicle into the future.

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Welder Fitter - $53,409 per year


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LCC teaches manufacturing with expedited and comprehensive focus, meaning that you can get in, get out and get a job working in this exciting and lucrative industry. In two years or less you can earn your ticket to a secure and rewarding future.



The CAMC is a strong business alliance of manufacturing professionals who work together to improve mid-Michigan’s manufacturing competitiveness. The CAMC promotes the sharing of partner best practices and provides a forum for manufacturing leaders to learn and grow. The CAMC believes that accelerated collaboration among local leaders will contribute to a robust and enduring manufacturing ecosystem that will create value for Michigan, our country, and the world.


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