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ProgRam Description

The Customer Service Specialist program offers multiple pathways to successful completion. Depending on what your ultimate goal is upon successful completion of this program, our goal is to prepare you for success within the workforce. 

Pathway one, the Customer Service Specialist Core program is a three (3) week program that will include the program areas listed above, upon successful completion you will be prepared to enter the workforce as a Customer Service Specialist and will receive certificates of completion that are globally recognized throughout the call center industry. 

Pathway two, the Administrative Assistant Specialist is an intensive eight (8) week program that will include the customer service specialist core, and Microsoft Office Suite Associate Certification Prep. Upon successful completion of this pathway, you will receive certificates of completion that are globally recognized throughout the call center industry and eligibility to sit for the Microsoft Office Suite Associate Certification. 

The Opportunity

Get a Skill Get a Job Customer Service 

Participants accepted into this program will choose a career pathway that best suits their needs, and educational or employment aspirations. 

Upon successful completion of this program and the pathway of your choosing, you will receive a certificate of completion and depending on your pathway, eligibility to sit for the Microsoft Office Suite certification. 

Entry into the Customer Service Specialist program is highly competitive. Applicants will be pre-screened to ensure the highest probability of their success and future employment.

Program Areas Include

  1. Communicating Effectively with Customers.
  2. Providing customer service using social media, live chat, and email.
  3. Managing challenging customers when providing customer service.
  4. Workplace ethics and skills for success.
  5. Basic word processing, spreadsheet, and computing operations.
  6. How to show empathy and customer relationship building.
  7. Microsoft Office Suite Associate Certification Prep (Career Pathway Option)

Target Audience

Individuals interested in entering the workforce or launching a new career as a customer service specialist or administrative assistant. There are a vast variety of opportunities for entry level and fast growth in a wide variety of industries. 

Program First Steps

To get started, all applicants will be asked to check a box stating that they understand that to qualify for the program that they must successfully complete the following:

  1. Information Session
  2. Apply at LCC (Apply Here)
  3. Complete Reading Accuplacer Assessment
    (Scores of 2 and above will be accepted)
  4. Complete Writing Accuplacer Assessment
    (Scores of 2 and above will be accepted)
  5. Keyboarding Typing Test (Complete Here)
  6. Complete Program Application
    ( Submit your Interest)

Accuplacer Waiver

You may be able to waive placement tests,
(If you have previously taken the Accuplacer assessment(s), we will accept scores of 2 and above for Reading and Writing).

Assessment Waiver Information


  1. Age Requirement: 18 years of age or high school graduate. High school dual enrollment and special admission programs are also available.
  2. Class Attendance Policy: Must be in attendance for at least 90 percent of the required training hours.

    No more than one (1) excused absence throughout the duration of the training program.
  3. Typing Words Per Minute: 35 wpm preferred 

Call the Center for Workforce Transition at (517) 492-5579 if you would like assistance through this process.


Career Pathways

Customer Service Representative jobs are found in many industries ranging from health care to construction.

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Estimated Program Timeline

Welding Basics



No Dates Currently Scheduled

Attend Program Information Session


Application Online


Application Deadline


Candidate Interviews Conducted


Notification of Acceptance into Program


Learning and Payment Contracts, Payment Due, and Mandatory Orientation


First Day of Class: 
Monday – Wednesday: Theory/Instruction (8:30 am – 5:00 pm)
Thursday: Open Lab (8:30 am - 12:30 pm)
Thursday: Theory/Instruction (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)


Last Day of Class - (date is subject to change)


Administrative Assistant Specialist Program

To Be Announced

Job Fair (subject to change)

For more information, contact LCC’s Job Training Center at (517) 483-9853 or

Program Details

Date: TBD
Times: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (30-minute lunch – Lunch is not provided)
Cost: Varies  – includes training, and materials
Program Pathway Cost:
- Basic Customer Service Program: $890
- Administrative Assistant Specialist: $2,200
Total Hours: 90+ Hours (Varies by program)
* Program details are subject to change.

Average Wage

Entry level Customer Service Specialist salaries range from $15 - $18 dollars an hour. Wages can increase, with education, experience, and certifications. As with all jobs, wages vary depending on education, experience and location.

Application Form

Apply here to join Get A Skill Get A Job's Customer Service Specialist program!

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