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This program will prepare participants to enter the workforce or launch a new career as a Gas Metal Arc Welder (MIG) by developing the skills necessary for production welding with a focus on flat and horizontal MIG welding and an emphasis on safety, quality and welding accuracy.

Participants will be prepared to function with knowledge and accuracy in production welding. The program includes classroom and lab work, as well as hands-on experience in a true welding environment.

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Get a Skill Get a Job Welding Wednesday January 7, 2015 in the welding lab on the LCC West Campus. KEVIN W. FOWLER PHOTO

Participants accepted into Get a Skill, Get a Job will participate in a rigorous two-week, full-time training program.

If they complete the program successfully, they will receive a certificate of completion verifying their competencies. We expect entry into this program to be highly competitive.

Applicants will be pre-screened to ensure the highest probability of their success and future employment.

Program Areas Include

  1. Describe the Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) process.
  2. Identify the five components of the MIG process.
  3. Describe the safety hazards associated with MIG welding.
  4. State the principles of general welding safety and safety when working with tools.
  5. Perform the proper procedure for welding flat and horizontal fillet and butt welds.
  6. Identify the welding inspection points before, during, and after welding.
  7. Weld metal and base metal discontinuities.
  8. Identify the causes and cures of up to nine weld problems.

Target Audience

Individuals interested in entering the workforce or launching a new career in production welding with a focus on Gas Metal Arc Welding, flat and horizontal MIG welding and an emphasis on safety, quality and welding accuracy.


As a pre-requisite all applicants will be asked to check a box stating that they understand that to qualify for the program that they must successfully complete the following:

  1. Orientation
  2. Employability and Learning Readiness Interview
  3. Drug Test and Background Check
  4. Employer Interview
  5. Learning Contract


  1. At least 18 years of age or high school graduate. High school dual enrollment and special admission programs are also available.
  2. Class Attendance Policy: Participants must be in attendance for training at least 90 percent of the required training hours. Participants will be allowed no more than one (1) excused absences throughout the duration of the training program.
  3. Assessment:
    1. Quizzes/Exams per instructor recommendation
    2. Labs/Skills Practice: Demonstrate techniques pertaining to learning outcomes.

Career Pathways

Welding jobs are found in manufacturing and production

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Estimated Program Timeline

Welding Basics



To Be Announced

Application Online

To Be Announced

Application Deadline

To Be Announced

Candidate Interviews Conducted

To Be Announced

Notification of Acceptance into Program

To Be Announced

Learning and Payment Contracts, Payment Due, and Mandatory Orientation

To Be Announced

Monday – Friday Theory/Instruction (7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.)

To Be Announced

Last Day of Class

For more information, contact LCC’s Center for Workforce Transition at 517-483-1857 or

Program Details

Date: To Be Announced
Times: 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (30-minute lunch – Lunch is not provided)
Cost: $1,350 – includes training, and materials
Total Hours: 80 Hours

Average Wage

Entry level Gas Metal Arc Welding salaries range from $15 - $18 dollars an hour. Wages can increase, with education, experience, and certifications. As with all jobs, wages vary depending on education, experience and location.

Application Form

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