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The academic program at The Early College is built to challenge students to reach a higher level of academic potential, and to prepare students for college level courses. Teachers provide a great deal of support to help students succeed, but students will need to do their part as well. Students should expect homework every night and come prepared to class each day with questions and ideas.

For students to be successful, it is recommended that students have demonstrated proficiency in the following:  Algebra I, Geometry, English 9th, English 10th, two core Social Studies credits, two World Languages credits (same language), and two core sciences (one being Biology) prior to entering The Early College.

Sample Schedule

Class Time




7:55 - 9:25 am

College Prep Mathematics

LCC entry-level mathematics course

LCC mathematics course

LCC courses in program of study.

9:35 - 11:05 am

College Prep English

LCC entry-level English course

LCC English course

11:05 - 11:45 am


11:45 am - 1:15 pm

Multi-disciplinary Laboratory Science

LCC entry-level science course

LCC science course

1:25 - 2:55 pm

History, Economics and Civics

Additional high school coursework if needed

* Seminar time to develop study and college readiness skills and to receive mentoring are integrated into the student academic schedule.

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