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By Caryl Churchill, directed by Mary Job

6-9 pm Sunday August 28
7-10 pm Monday August 29
Dart Auditorium, 500 N. Capitol Ave.

November 4-13

Rehearsals begin after Labor Day (Sept. 6) and will generally run M-F 7-10pm, except for the week before opening when technical rehearsals begin.

A rollicking, very black comedy about financial greed and predatory capitalism run amok by one of England's leading feminist playwrights. Inspired by the deregulation of the financial markets in England in the mid 1980's, the play examines the corrupting influence of money that transcends geography, class, race and gender. The story involves a pair of siblings, Scilla and her younger brother, Jake, both up and coming traders in the London financial markets. (See A Quick Guide to the Financial World of Serious Money) When Jake, faces investigation for insider trading and dies suddenly, Scilla begins to suspect that his death is not a suicide, but murder. Her suspicions take her deep into the world of global finance as she tries to track down her brother's last "big deal". But Scilla's quest turns from a "whodunit" to a "who has it", when she realizes that her brother's shenanigans in a convoluted and risky corporate takeover were yielding "serious money." The setting is global - all the places high and low where money is traded for power, riches and influence. The tone is definitely satirical, the language can be gritty, and the pace is fast and furious, featuring Churchill's trademark dialog of overlapping lines with the added fillip of rhymed couplets, suggesting the jingle of sales pitches as the characters attempt to outdo each other in profit and influence.

- Auditions are open to current LCC students, LCC alumni and community members.
- Actors need only attend one of the two scheduled nights for auditions. If you have a headshot, please bring it with you. A copy of our audition forms can be downloaded here: Audition Form, Conflict Schedule
- All actors auditioning for SERIOUS MONEY will be asked to prepare ONE of the selected monologues for presentation at auditions. Click here for monologues. Choose a monologue that represents your age range (in terms of casting - not your true age), gender and the kind of role you are seeking. Please note that since many roles are double cast, these monologues are representative of the many diverse roles in the play.
- Don't worry about accents. Focus on the language and the character. Monologues need not be memorized, but you should be able to read it with ease and to make character choices.
- After presentation of the monologues, actors will be asked to read short scenes from the script.
- A variety of accents and dialects are used to indicate the global scope of the play and define the different characters (Possible casting noted below.) Dialect coaching will be provided. Use of dialects during auditions is not required. There are also two songs (sung by the entire cast - no special musical talent is required) and some choreography.

We are looking for a diverse ensemble of about 15 actors to play these high rollers as they wheel, deal and claw their way to influence and riches.

SCILLA TODD-Late 20's, early 30's. A licensed trader at LIFFE. An upper class but likes the rough and tumble of bond trading (and its potential for a big payoff). British public school accent, but tends to use slang and colloquialisms of the middle and lower classes.
JAKE TODD - mid 20's, Scilla's younger brother, another trader. Clever, charming, ambitious and lazy. Likes to take short-cuts, regardless of the moral or ethical implications. Accent similar to Scilla.
GREVILLE TODD - 50's, Scilla's and Jake's father, a stockbroker. Pompous and a snob. British public school accent.
ZAC ZACKERMAN - early 30's, American banker with Klein Merrick, a major player in world financial markets. Energetic, smart, charming and brash. Speaks with a NYC accent.
GRIMES - early 30's, another trader, a colleague and friend (with benefits) of Scilla. British middle class accent, rougher than either Scilla or Jake. (Think Michael Caine).
BILLY CORMAN - early 40'S, A British corporate raider. Commanding and ruthless. British middle class accent.
MERRISON - 50's, a banker and co-managing director of Klein Merrick. American, Ivy League type.
DURKFELD - Late 30's - early 40's, a trader with Klein Merrick, just made co-managing director. Vulgar, ruthless, American, New Jersey accent.
MARY LOU BAINES - 40's, American, an arbitrager. The type of woman who looks like a kindly aunt, but has the soul of a shark. Mid-Western American accent.
TK - 20'S, personal assistant to Mary Lou Baines. Very personable, but also ambitious and underhanded.
FROSBY - 50's, British, a jobber. Meek, but resentful of his marginal status in the financial word. Middle class British accent.
JACINTA CONDOR - 30'S, a Peruvian businesswoman, sexy, beautiful and corrupt. Speaks with a Spanish accent.
NIGEL ABJIBALA - 30'S, an importer from Ghana. Speaks excellent English with a West African accent.
MRS. ETHERINGTON - 30's -50's a British Stockbroker with a reputation for integrity. Totally illusory - she is used as a front for all sorts of financial chicanery. Standard British Accent.
DUCKETT - 50's Chairman of Albion Industries, a British firm about to be acquired by Billy Corman. His veneer is "old-fashioned businessman", in actuality, ineffective and self-serving. Northern British or Scottish Accent.
MS BIDDULPH - An investor who serves as a White Knight for Albion. Northern British or Scottish Accent. Another shark in respectable British tweeds.
DULCIE STARR - late 20's to 40 - a PR consultant and fixer. Confident and sleek. Standard British Accent.
SOAT - President of Missouri Gumballs. Small town entrepreneur. Missouri accent.
GREVITT - An inspector for DTI (the British version of the SEC). Standard British Accent.
A variety of dealers, floor traders, industrial spies, flacks, moneyed fools and other colorful people.


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