Take a Stand! Sit In!

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Mon APR 19
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Take A Stand! Sit In! event premiered fall 2020 as two days of engaging presentations intended to encourage dialogue about diversity, equity, and inclusion. This event grew from the #ScholarStrike for Racial Justice created by Professors Athena Butler and Kevin Gannon. Join LCC faculty and community members who Take A Stand on current issues, encourage student engagement through easily available curriculum, and foster interdisciplinary studies within the college and community. Students Sit In on creative, constructive, curriculum-driven discussions. Take a Stand! Sit In! event occurs every semester during the academic year and is growing across the campus and larger Lansing community.

For more information, please contact organizing committee:

Individual session and virtual meeting information as well as highlights from last semester's event can be found on the Take a Stand! Sit In! webpage.

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