Pre-Nursing Advising Seminar - Fall 2019

Livingston County Center
Fri NOV 15
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Attendance at one of these seminars is MANDATORY before applying to any of LCC’s nursing tracks.

 For greatest benefit:  Plan to attend a seminar during the early stages of your pre-nursing studies.  During the seminar, you will learn about LCC’s Nursing Program options and how to make yourself a competitive applicant to the program.  Following the seminar, contact the Center for Academic and Career Pathways (517-483-1904) for an appointment with a health careers advisor who will have answers to your individual questions.


Attendance will be limited to 50 students per session,

so plan to arrive a few minutes early.

Seminar held at Livingston Center (402 Wright Road, Howell)


NOTE: Late arrivals will NOT be admitted and will have to attend at another time.

Pre-Nursing Advising Seminar Brochure

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