Lansing Community College Performing Arts: DANCE Lansing

Tue JUL 30
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DANCE Lansing 

The exciting annual event features four nights of new dances, giving audiences an opportunity to appreciate modern and contemporary dance, and enriching performance and development opportunities for area choreographers and dancers. The collaboration is founded by partners Happendance and LCC Performing Arts and now includes associates Everett High School Dance Company, Greater Lansing Academy of Dance, MICA Gallery, Michigan State University Department of Theatre, MSU Orchesis. Greater Lansing Ballet Company, Turner Dodge House, Lansing Lugnuts, Nerve Dance Center and Keys to Creativity. It is free of charge.

Suggested audience: ages 6+, though concerts may run 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Performance will be held from 

: July 30th until Aug. 8th, 2019 (7 p.m.) at Gannon Commons


Contact:  LCC Performing Arts Production Office, 517-483-1488/1122

Web:  Show Information

Facebook:  LCC Theatre, Music and Dance


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