LCC Employees Prism Alliance LGBTQ+ Icon Display

Library - TLC
Wed APR 17
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The LCC Employee Prism Alliance will display its LGBTQ+ icons on the 3rd floor of the LCC library from April 8 through April 30. Originally presented last spring, the display highlights 13 noteworthy LGBTQ+ figures from past to present who have made, and continue to make, positive contributions to society. Celebrating LGBTQ+ icons takes its history from LGBT History Month celebrations held to recognize the achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals. The Icons range from well-known to lesser-known personalities, each of which broadens understanding of this rich and diverse community.

The icons were selected from more than 40 nominations submitted by LCC students, faculty, and staff. Each includes a photograph, biographical sketch, the nominee’s name, and why it was selected for display. The display will include a reflection table where visitors can share thoughts and reflections on the exhibit. Forms will also be available to nominate candidates for next year’s display.

In addition to the icons, throughout the month the library will display selected LGBTQ+ books and publications available through their collection in the 2nd-floor display.

The LGBTQ+ icons display is sponsored by the LCC Employee Prism Alliance and hosted by the LCC Library.

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