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Arts and Sciences Building

The renovation of the Arts & Sciences Building will increase the number of our science classrooms, general education classrooms, and chemistry and biology laboratories, resulting in a facility that will be equal to or better than any in the nation for the teaching of science at the freshman and sophomore levels.

Morton College Lab

From a building designed to serve students in the 1960s, it will become a flexible, learner-centered space that encourages both formal and informal interaction between students, faculty, and academic areas. It will be an active, engaging, immersive place of teaching, learning, and personal growth that meets the college's current needs and anticipates future needs.

Those needs include supporting students in our acclaimed Center for Transitional Learning, which helps adult learners acquire the basic literacy and numeracy skills that enable them to pursue further training or educational pathways to employment.


The renovation will also consolidate student academic support areas into a single convenient location and add new office space for faculty and departments within the Arts & Sciences Division.

Know Before You Go

Some courses that used to be taught in the Arts & Sciences Building have moved. Please check the Course Schedule Book to find out where your course will meet.

Many faculty offices have temporarily moved to Washington Court Place, 309 North Washington Square. Faculty members will provide their contact information and office hours in their syllabi.

If you need assistance, please call the Arts & Sciences Division at (517) 483-1010.

Build Forward