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Writing Center Mission

The Writing Center is located in the Arts & Sciences Building, Room 202.

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Providing assistance to LCC students with writing projects in courses across the curriculum.

A Pedagogy of Direct Intervention

Our mission in the Writing Center is most clearly articulated by Stephen North in his 1984 landmark essay, "The Idea of a Writing Center." North explains that writing centers are designed to help students become better writers, not necessarily or immediately to produce better texts. To reflect classroom practices in LCC's English Department, the Writing Center emphasizes the entire process of writing rather than just the final end product. Our practice of providing writing assistance in the Center is based on what North calls "a pedagogy of direct intervention," in which we seek to interrupt and alter the writing process and, by so doing, assist students in developing better writing strategies. This direct intervention necessarily causes students to reflect on writing processes and practices and, in so doing, to become better prepared to approach college writing assignments.

"The Writing Center helped me to make good decisions about how to structure my paper and how to develop my paragraphs."

- Alyssa Clouse, Sonography Major

The keys to direct intervention are timing and motivation. Our intention is that Writing Center services be required of no one. The Writing Center serves its mission best as a place where writers come when the timing is right and when they are motivated to receive feedback.

We assist students with content/ideas first, early-on in the writing process, and mechanics later in the process when drafts are being polished for immediate submission.

The Writing Center works to support classroom instruction, not to replace it. This is perhaps most true in the area of mechanics. Our work with mechanics does not involve editing or proofreading but instead what we call "instructional editing," in which we assist students in addressing their patterns of error. This assistance usually involves pointing the student to relevant sections in current writing course texts, or, when these texts do not provide adequate information, to offer other reference books housed in the Center.

Again, we passionately resist correcting students' errors for them but instead assist students in finding the resources to address their own errors, and thus, to take responsibility for their own writing projects. Students will, in all likelihood, visit The Writing Center and return to class with mechanics errors in their papers, as it takes developing writers time to learn how to use resources efficiently in identifying their own errors. As the Writing Center is not designed to provide instruction - but rather to support it - we advise that students who need more direct instruction in writing seek their classroom instructor's assistance during office hours - hours, which students often forget are expressly set aside for this purpose.

"A good thing about the Writing Center is they make you think about what you've written. Of course, you may not way to, but from my experiences, I am learning it is necessary to do so. I know I would not have matured as a writer, or even student, as much as I did if it wasn't for the Writing Center."

Brandon Briegel, Engineering Major

We are eager to assist you with your writing needs. Please feel free to contact us.

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