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Major Spotlight: Business!

Each month the Academic Advising Office spotlights a major offered at LCC in order to provide students with more information about this major. The spotlight consists of several questions and answers regarding that specific major as well as web links for additional information.

This month the major is business. Below is an interview with Academic Advisor Tonjala Eaton. Tonjala is a currently the lead advisor for Business students.

Major Spotlight - Tonjala Eaton

Question: To enjoy being a business major what kinds of things must one enjoy doing?

Answer: In general a student must be comfortable with doing math. Although there are several components of business, the primary goal of any business is to move products, goods or services to consumers/customers. Therefore, students should not be afraid of learning how to sell products or services. Also, business students should enjoy meeting people and building relationships.

Question: What are the kinds of classes would one be taking as a business major?

Answer: General Education courses for CORE and MACRAO courses in the areas of writing, math and science. Major specific courses would include Accounting, Marketing, Management, Business Administration courses.

Question: What degree options does LCC offer for Business? What about transfer options?

Answer: LCC has several associate and certificate options for students ranging from accounting to hospitality management to marketing and human resource management. For a full list of degrees please visit the Business Department website at Also, check out our degree overview on YouTube:

We have many students transfer for business to four year schools! Some students obtain an associate degree and some take classes just to transfer. For those that obtain an associate degree most will follow the Business and Accounting Pre-Transfer Associate in Arts degree. Transfer options are vast and some of the typical schools are Michigan State University and Colleges at the University Center. For more transfer options please visit

Question: What are the employment prospects like with an associate degree? With a bachelor degree? What sort of jobs do business majors get upon graduating from college?

Answer: An associate degree would qualify students to work in entry level positions within businesses or possibly as a foundation for those wishing to start their own businesses. The Associate in Arts is primarily for transferring. A bachelor degree will allow students more opportunities at business and corporations and will also result in substantial increase in salary.

Question: Are there any upcoming activities related to Business majors coming up?

Answer: In the spring there is the American Marketing Association Etiquette Dinner. For more information on the Marketing Association Etiquette Dinner contact Bill Motz - Marketing Professor at Also, in the Fall semester make sure to check out College Transfer night! For more information on College Night contact the University Center at

Question: What other kinds of extracurricular activities would you recommend for business majors?

Answer: Gain hands-on experience through part-time work opportunities, internships and volunteering. Contact Career & Employment Services (CES) at 517-483-1172 to inquire about work and volunteer options. Often times CES is contacted by local employers to fill internship positions. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society by contacting Student Life.

Question: What other advice do you have for business majors?

Answer: Business majors should become avid readers to learn about trends in the business arena. They should consider reading the Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise, Forbes and Money Magazine. These are excellent current publications to complement the course textbooks. Also, business students should take advantage of the campus visits sponsored by Student Life, each semester they take groups to institutions such as Central Michigan University, Albion College and others.

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