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Listing of General and Program Specific Advisors

Accounting (ACCG)

Administrative (ACCG)

Aerospace Studies (AERO)

Agriculture (AGRI)

Alternative Energy Engineering Technology (AEET)

Anatomy (BIOL)

Physiology (BIOL)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Apprentice Programs

Architecture (ARCH)

Art, Design and Multimedia (ARTS)

Art History (HUMS)

Art Seminars and Workshops (ARWS)

Astronomy (ASTR)

Auto Body Collision Repair (AUTB)

Automotive (AUTO)

Airframe Maintenace (AVAF)

Avionics (AVEL)

General Mainteance (AVGM)

Powerplant Maintenance (AVPP)

Flight Training (AVFT

Ground School (AVGS)

Simulator Training )AVST)

Biology (BIOL)

Building Maintenance (AVPP)

Building Trades (BLDT)

Business (BUSN)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Child Development (CHDV)

Chinese (CHIN)

Civil Technology (CIVL)

Community Health Serviced Education (CHSE)

Computer: Business Software (CABS)

Computer: Computer Science (CPSC)

Computer Information Technology: Applications (CITA)

Computer Information Technology: Database (CITD)

Computer Information Technology: Foundations (CITF)

Computer Information Technology: Networking (CITN)

Computer Information Technology: Programming (CITP)

Computer Information Technology: Support (CITS)

Computer Informaiton Technology: Web (CITW)

Continuing Health Careers (CHCE)

Corrections (CJUS)

Criminal Justice (CJUS)

Dance (DANC)

Dental Hygiene (DENT)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (IDMS)

Digital Media, Audio, Cinema (DMAC)

Economics (ECON)

E-Business/Internet for Business

Education (EDUC)

Electrical Technology

Emergency Medical Services Seminars (EMSB)

Emergency Medical Technology (EMTA)

English (ENGL)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Enrichment (ENRI)

Environmental Services (ENVR)

Fashion (FASH)

Film Production/ Direction (DMAC)

Fire Science (FIRE)

French (FREN)

General Advisor

General Specific Program Advisor

Geographic Information Systems (GRET)

Geography (GEOG)

Geology (GEOL)

German (GRMN)

Gerontology/Aging (GERO)

Gerontology Related Seminars (GERO)

Government (POLS)

Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Heavy Operator: Operator Training (HEOT)

Heavy Operator: Repair Technician (HERT)

History (HIST)

Histotechnology (SCIS)

Honors (HONR)

Horticulture (HORT)

Hospitality Management and Food Service (HMFS)

Human Service (HUSE)

Humanities (HUMS)

Insurance (INSU)

Integrated Science (ISCI)

Interior Design (INTR)

Japanese (JAPN)

Journalism (JRNL)

Keyboarding (ADMN)

Kinesiology (PFKN)

Labor Relations (LABR)

Landscape Architecture (LAND)

Law Enforcement (CJUS)

Legal Assistant/Paralegal (LEGL)

Liberal Studies Special Topics (LBST)

Linguistics (LING)

Literature (ENGL)

Management (MGMT)

Manufacturing Engineering Technology: Design (METD)

Manufacturing Engineering Technology: Maching (METM)

Manufacturing Engineering Technology: Systems (METS)

Marketing (MKTG)

Massage (MASG)

Mathematics (MATH)

Microbiology (BIOL)

Military Science (MILS)


Nanotechnology (NANO)

Nursing (NURS)

Paramedic (PARA)

?Philosophy (PHIL)

Photography Technology (PHOT)

Physical Fitness and Wellness: Aquatics (PFAQ)

Physical Fitness and Wellness: Dance (PFDA)

Physical Fitness and Wellness: Fitness/Physical Conditioning (PFFT)

Physical Fitness and Wellness: Health/Physical Conditioning (PFFW)

Physical Fitness and Wellness: Kinesiology (PFKN)

Physical Fitness and Wellness: Team and Individual Sports (PFSP)

Physical Fitness and Wellness: Weight Training (PFWT)

Physics (Phys)

Political Science (POLS)

Psychology (PSYC)

Radiologic Technology (IRXT)

Reading (READ)

Real Estate (REAL)

Religion (RELG)

Residential Building (BLDT)

Secret (ADMN)

Sign Language (SIGN)

Social Work (SOWK)

Sociology (SOCL)

Spanish (SPAN)

Speech Communication (SPCH)

Spelling (SPEL)

Stage Technology (STEC)

Statistics (STAT)

Student Development (SDEV)

Surgical Technology (SURG)

Theater (THEA)

Travel and Tourism (TRVL)

Truck Driver Training (TSTP)

Vocabulary (VCBL)

Welding Technology (WELD))

Writing (WRIT)

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