Rafeeq McGiveron

Academic & Career Advisor

I have served at LCC since 1992, first teaching English and World Civ, then also advising, and occasionally doing work in implementation and training for Banner and Degree Works, along with policy planning and analysis.

From MSU I earned a BA with Honor in English and History, plus an MA in English and History, while from WMU I earned an MA in English; recently I also received my Global Career Development Facilitator Certification. I have published dozens of articles, chapters, and reviews on the works of authors ranging from Ray Bradbury to Shakespeare, along with the textbooks Critical Insights: Fahrenheit 451 and Critical Insights: Robert A. Heinlein, and a novel, Student Body.

I am a problem-solver and a "people person," and I like helping students figure out where they want to go from here-wherever their "here" is-and understand the strategies that will make them succeed.