Ana Mari Woehr

Academic Advisor

Hola, Bonjour, Hello! I've been at LCC since 2006, shortly after moving here from the West Coast. I started my career at LCC with the Women's Resource Center/Returning Adult Program then transitioned to Academic Advising. My educational degrees focused on pedagogy, writing and languages; and my career pathways have included working for non-profits in youth development and employment, criminal justice, interpreting, and in the corporate sector. Recently, I completed the Global Career Development Facilitator training and received my certification in GCDF.

Talking to students about how to achieve your academic and career goals drives my practice, as well as checking in with what keeps you in school and persevering towards the success of your making. As a dual citizen, bilingual/bicultural individual, I love traveling, mostly visiting friends and family around the world. Encouraging others to embrace opportunities, explore and be lifelong learners is one of my specialties in life. The world is an amazing place and wherever your plan takes you, live in the moment and make it happen.