Lansing Community College

Students should make adjustments to their schedules via the Web. Students can add classes based on the schedule below. For important deadline details, see the charts below. Register early for best class selection! For additional information, call LCC at 517-483-1957 or toll-free at 1-800-644-4522. Refer to variable-date options list for classes beginning throughout the semester.

Students are responsible for dropping all courses they are not planning to attend, and are responsible for payment of classes in which they are enrolled. Students should not assume they will be dropped from a class or classes for nonpayment, as there are many factors which will determine whether and when a student is dropped for nonpayment. It is the student's responsibility to verify his or her enrollment status. To verify enrollment status, students can view their schedule on the LCC Website.

Many LCC courses are taught in a shorter timeframe than the traditional 16-week teaching period and provide the same amount of credit. See the list below for the various start and end dates of the teaching periods.

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