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What is the LCC Fresh Start Program?

The LCC Fresh Start Program has been created to help students who have outstanding account balances that prevent registration for future semesters to re-enroll in LCC and continue their educational goals.

Who is eligible for the LCC Fresh Start Program?

Any LCC student who has an outstanding balance on their student account resulting from enrollment in any semesters from fall 2017 through spring 2021.

What will be done with the student's outstanding balance?

The student's outstanding balance will be forgiven with no further financial obligation. Please note: The student is responsible for full payment through financial aid or cash payments to the college for all tuition and fees incurred for their re-enrollment in classes for all future semesters at the college.

What if the student account has been placed at a collection agency?

The college has recalled all eligible students' accounts from the collection agency and no further action will be taken against the student by the collection agency.

My student account still shows a past due balance. How does that impact my ability to register for classes?

It will take the college some time to work through all student accounts and forgive the balances on each individual account. The Student Finance staff has placed a special code (FS Hold Code) on each student's account that will allow them to register and re-enroll with the college while the work to forgive each individual student's account in the records system is underway.

I am already enrolled in a repayment agreement or an amnesty program with the college for a past due balance – how does this impact those agreements?

Any student currently in a repayment agreement or an amnesty program with the college arising from the fall 2017 through spring 2021 semesters will have their balances forgiven; therefore, the repayment agreement or amnesty program will be deemed fulfilled. If the students repayment agreement or amnesty program agreement falls outside the covered semesters, the student should work with Student Finance to determine what options may be available to them.

I think I am eligible for this program, but I cannot register. What is going on?

There might be additional reasons you are unable to register, such as an old address, library fines, a laptop that was not returned or various other outstanding issues. These situations need to be resolved and your student account brought up to date prior to any registration. If you believe you meet the eligibility for this program, but are unable to enroll, please contact the Student Finance staff at or 517-483-1200, option 3.

I have student loan or other debt as a result of my enrollment from Fall 2017 through Spring 2021, how does the LCC Fresh Start Program impact my loan or debt?

The LCC Fresh Start Program is only for the amount due on your LCC student account. LCC cannot forgive any outside debt including student loans.

What are my next steps?

  1. Before enrolling and registering for classes, the college strongly encourages students to re-engage with student services to aid in making their return successful. Please complete the following steps:
    • Complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) at using LCC's school code (002278) to determine the type of resources available to assist with educational costs.
      • Note: The 2021-22 FAFSA requires the student (and parent, if the student is dependent) to provide 2019 income information. If your current financial circumstances have changed since 2019, you should still complete the FAFSA. After you complete the FAFSA, you may apply for a "Special Circumstance," which allows us to use current income to determine your financial aid eligibility.
    • Contact an Academic Advisor to review program of study options, prior coursework and the courses needed to achieve educational goals. For appointment options (virtual, walk-in and face-to-face), visit Academic Advising.
    • Request an Academic Success Coach to support meeting educational goals and navigating re-engagement with the college. To request a coach, visit Success Coaches.
  2. Register for classes.
  3. Enroll in a payment plan or pay for classes. Students who do not have sufficient Financial Aid or who do not enroll in a payment plan or pay for classes will be dropped from their classes. Remember the LCC Fresh Start Program is a one-time forgiveness program, and you are required to be financially responsible for all future enrollments.
  4. Attend classes and achieve your educational goals! Welcome back!


The StarZone is home to many student service departments such as admissions, academic advising, financial aid, student finance, testing and more! Visit the Enrollment Support Specialists in the StarZone for help with admissions, class registration, general financial aid questions and more.

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