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Ever think you can't afford or don't have time to finish a bachelor's degree? Ever think it is just too complicated, talking to all those schools, and everyone has a sales pitch? Perhaps you think navigating a large campus in some other city is just too inconvenient, and a bit unnerving? If you can answer yes to these questions then the University Center at Lansing Community College is a great place to be; five universities under one roof on LCC's downtown campus.

Keep most of your money, and try something that is affordable, convenient, and life altering. How do I know? I was once in your shoes. I knew I needed a bachelor's degree, but I wasn't sure what plans were right for me. And then LCC built the University Center. And then went one better, they offered several 3+1 degrees. What is a 3+1? A bachelor's degree is roughly 120 credits, (4-years), in a 3+1 you can transfer in 90 LCC credits (meaning years 1 through 3), paying LCC's tuition rate, and then take the remaining credits, equal to 1 year at one of our partnering schools.

Education should be about doing something that will provide for a better standard of living, not something that is going to leave you feeling defeated because of mounting student loan debt. To see what I mean, visit Your UC Experience to view articles focused on students who graduated through programs at the University Center.

Some might say, "I don't need a 4-year degree." And maybe you don't, but so often whatever industry you're working in will have openings for positions higher than the one for which you hired in, and in most cases, elevated positions require elevated education. Don't wait to be turned down due to lack of credentialing, complete a request for information form today and begin seeing what you can be.

All my best to you -
Patty Spagnuolo, Director
University Center & Transfer Initiatives

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