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Katie Lieder, UC Alumna

The Smart Choice

Katie Lieder

Katie Lieder began her college experience at a large university right out of high school and quickly found herself overwhelmed. Feeling like a number in an unsupportive environment, she returned to Lansing and enrolled at Lansing Community College. She learned about the University Center when she shared her goal of achieving her bachelor’s degree with her LCC advisor. “There were never more than 12 students in my classes, which gave my classmates and me more time with my professor who had worked in the field for nearly 30 years. It was the smart choice.”

Katie participated in the 3+1 Business Management program, a unique agreement between LCC and Northwood where she completed three years at LCC, then completed her fourth year at Northwood’s UC location. “I was able to focus on my classes because the admissions process for the UC was seamless,” Katie said. “I didn’t need to worry about getting accepted. I loved the Downtown Campus and was so relieved there were no hurdles to jump over to get my education.”

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