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Your path to a career with excellent pay and rewarding challenges in the legal sphere begins here with our two excellent Paralegal education programs. The diverse opportunities that await you in the legal profession can include transferring to a four-year institution to pursue a career as a lawyer or going right to work as a paralegal.

Paralegal Program Legal Specialty Courses Transfer Credit Policy*

The Lansing Community College Paralegal Studies Program may award transfer credit for designated, legal specialty courses on a case-by-case basis determined by the Paralegal Studies Program Director, subject to approval of the Dean of the Technical Careers Division.  The current Paralegal specialty courses are LEGL 115, LEGL 125, LEGL 210, LEGL 211, LEGL 218, LEGL 225, LEGL 228, LEGL 229 and LEGL 270.  The following conditions apply to the transfer of these legal specialty courses:

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Lansing Community College's Paralegal program is approved by the American Bar Association.

  1. Transfer credit may be awarded for substantially similar courses completed with a grade of “C” or higher in an ABA approved, or other post-secondary academically accredited academic paralegal studies program. To be considered “substantially similar”, the course must have incorporated the same or similar topics and assignments as the LCC Paralegal specialty course sought to be credited as evidenced by a catalog description, detailed syllabus, and course reference file.
  2. No more than 9 semester credit hours of Paralegal specialty course credit may be earned toward the Paralegal Associate Degree or Paralegal Post-Bachelor Certificate by transfer credit.
  3. Transfer credit will not be awarded for LEGL 225 and LEGL 270.

*Notwithstanding the provisions detailed above: in no circumstance will a student be awarded a Paralegal Associate degree or Certificate unless at least 10 hours of Paralegal specialty course work has been completed at LCC in a traditional class format.


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Both of LCC’s Paralegal programs are approved by the American Bar Association.

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