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Below are advising guides that include a general overview and the admission requirements for each course and program offered by LCC's Health & Human Services (HHS) Division. For general information contact the HHS office at or 517-483-1410. For specific program information, contact the program Director for your desired field of study.

Nursing Advising Guides

***Complete the ONLINE NURSING SEMINAR to learn about the program and application process! This must be completed prior to applying to the program***

The Nursing program offers 3 tracks: 2-Year traditional, 2nd Degree (Bachelors+), and Advanced Standing (for Paramedics, LPNs, and Respiratory Therapists). Be sure to review the Advising Guide specific to your desired track.

*The Kaplan Entrance Test has been cancelled for the 2022 and future Nursing application cycles. Applicants are no longer required to take the exam nor will they receive points for it. All other admission requirements and point criteria remain the same for the 2022 application cycle.*
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