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Downtown Campus Buildings

Gannon Building (GB)
Academic and Office Facility (AOF)
Huron Building (HB)
Washington Court Place (WCP)
Abel B. Sykes, Jr., Technology and Learning Center (TLC)
Arts and Sciences (A&S)
Mackinaw Building (MB)
Dart Auditorium (DRT)
Herrmann House
Rogers-Carrier House
Health and Human Services (HHS)
Early Learning Children's Community (ELCC)
Administration Building (ADM)

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Gannon Building (GB)

LCC's tradition of success is a testament of our students, faculty and staff, and their unique blend of character, passion and drive. The redesign and modernization of the Gannon Building encompasses that uniqueness-setting us apart from our collegiate counterparts.

With interactive displays and modern technology, the Gannon Building renovations create a welcoming and inspiring space for students. Improvements include the construction of a faceted glass wall that runs along the building's eastern face, the new Commons food court features four food vendors and a coffee shop.

In addition, the building is an easily accessible, one-stop student services center for admissions, enrollment, registration, academic advising, and counseling.


The Gannon Glass: This stunning two-story architectural feature to the Gannon Building naturally lights both floors of the building’s dining area, The Commons.

The StarZone: Located on the second floor, the StarZone serves as a one-stop student services and resources hub. It serves all future and current LCC students.

The Gymnasium: Top-ranking LCC Athletics teams take the court located on the third floor of the building.

The Michigan Room: Located on the first floor of the building, this 160-capacity room is one of many spaces available through LCC’s Conference Services. LCC has nearly 15 spaces available to host events at the Downtown and West campuses.

The Cesar E. Chavez Learning Center: This center is for LCC students to study and meet with peers. It is home to student support groups LUCERO, Men About Progress and Starz Make it Happen.

The Gannon Game Station: LCC Office of Student Life lends game consoles for students to take a break between class and studying in the Gannon Commons.

Black Box Theatre: Located on the first floor in room 1422, this theatre hosts several performances throughout the year.

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Academic and Office Facility (AOF)

Built in 1924, LCC purchased and remodeled the former Franklin DeKleine Building in 1976 for performing and creative arts offices and graphic services. AOF currently houses some of the college's administrative service areas and classrooms.

Huron Building
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Huron Building (HB)

The Huron Building was built in 1976 and originally housed the Continental Cablevision offices. Today, it is home to LCC’s Office of Veteran and Military Affairs and Veteran’s Resource Center (VRC).

It is located on the corner of Washington Avenue and Shiawassee Avenue, across from the Arts & Sciences Building at LCC’s Downtown Campus.


Office of Veteran and Military Affairs: The Washington Avenue entrance to the Huron Building leads to the reception area of the LCC Office of Veteran and Military Affairs, a specialized support services are for veterans and their families.

Veterans Resource Center (VRC): The VRC offers study and student lounge spaces as well as free counseling and advising services for veterans and their families.

Washington Court Place
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Washington Court Place (WCP)

The first floor of the Washington Court Place houses three departments:

  • Center for Data Science (CDS)
  • Educational Resource Development (ERD)
  • Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Also on the first floor are the offices of AARP – a tenant of the college.

The second floor of Washington Court Place is the home of the Financial Services Division and the LCC Foundation Office.

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Abel B. Sykes, Jr., Technology and Learning Center (TLC)

The 155,000 square-foot Technology and Learning Center was constructed in 1998 and is named for the college's second president, Abel B. Sykes, Jr.

TLC features a 43,000 square-foot library with individual student study carrels and group study rooms, a 150 station state-of-the-art computer lab, two-way interactive video classrooms, multimedia sound rooms, technology-rich classrooms and much more.

This building is also home to one of the largest TV studios in the area for LCC TV “The Link” which airs on Comcast Xfinity channel 15 in the Lansing area and channel 31 in the Okemos area. The studio for LCC Radio 87.9FM, which proudly broadcasts local Michigan Artists, Jazz and a variety of genres, is also located in TLC. The studios are located in the lower level of the building.

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Arts and Sciences (A&S)

Built in 1968, Arts and Sciences became the first new building the college constructed to manage with increasing enrollment.

Throughout the 2012 - 2013 academic year, the Arts and Sciences Building underwent a complete renovation to enhance learner-centered space.

It is an active, engaging, immersive place of teaching, learning, and personal growth that meets the college's current needs and anticipated future needs.


“Education & Community” Sculpture: Commonly referred to as the “Red Ribbon in the Sky,” this sculpture stands 30 feet tall on the South side of the A&S Building, bridging the gap between Lansing’s business district and the college.

The Washington Mall: A student skateboards along the Washington Mall, a pedestrian pathway that winds through the center of the Downtown Campus.

A&S Hallway: Students study in one of the many unique student spaces on each of the building’s four floors.

Planetarium: Stargaze in the planetarium, located on the fourth floor of the A&S Building.

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Mackinaw Building
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Mackinaw Building (MB)

Built in 1962, LCC acquired this building in 1967 from Bell Telephone. The building currently provides classroom space for a variety of programs, student support offices, and K-12 Relations.


The Early College: Students lounge on the first floor of the Mackinaw Building, where most Early College classes are held. High School students can achieve an associate degree and high school diploma simultaneously with The Early College, where students can attend classes at LCC their junior year of high school through a 13th year.

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Dart Auditorium (DRT)

Built in 1980, the building was officially named the John H. Dart Center for the Performing Arts in honor of LCC's Board of Trustees charter member.

The familiar usage to "Dart Auditorium" was quickly adapted. The 480-seat auditorium is the stage for numerous performing arts events, guest speakers, and civic activities throughout the year.

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Herrmann House

The Herrmann house (constructed in 1893 for John T. Herrmann, a local tailor) was acquired by the college in 1967. The home was designated as a historical site in 1987.

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Rogers-Carrier House

Sometimes referred to as the "Moon House," this Queen Anne style house was built in 1891 by architect Darius Moon for H. M. Rogers, a local realtor.

Acquired by the college in 1967, it was used as a temporary bookstore. Architectural studies students at the college undertook restoration work on the house in 1982.

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Health and Human Services (HHS)

The Health and Human Services Building opened for classes in August 2005. This 141,992 square foot facility is the home for the Health and Human Services Division programs that prepare highly-skilled healthcare and human services workers.

In response to the local and national shortage of healthcare workers, LCC continues to lead in health and human services education by providing instruction with state-of-the-art equipment and improving classroom and laboratory facilities.


Garden Level of Atrium: Sunlight fills the halls of the HHS Building through the three-story atrium glass. On the garden level you will find the LCC Veterans Memorial, an interactive display with the names of local heroes etched on the monument. On this level, there is plenty of study spaces and lounges.

Surgical Technology Lab: Students learn through simulations in the lab.

Dental Hygiene Clinic: LCC students serve the community with affordable dental services throughout the year. Community members can benefit from services ranging from cleanings to sealants.

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Early Learning Children's Community (ELCC)

The former Apothecary Building was acquired by the college in 1967 for art classes. It was renovated and opened in 1977 as a photography center.

In August 2010 the Early Learning Children's Community opened its doors, providing high quality early education and child care and a learning laboratory for LCC students.

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Administration Building (ADM)

The Administration Building, built in 2005, consists of 34,670 square feet and houses administrative functions and board room.

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University Center (UC)

The University Center hosts five of Michigan’s best universities right in the heart of Lansing. It is located on the corner of Shiawassee Street and Capitol Avenue.

Students with some college credits-- either from LCC or another school-- can achieve their bachelor’s or master’s degree through a UC partner university. Unique transfer opportunities are offered through LCC to the partnering universities.To learn more about UC programs and how to attend, visit the University Center page or call 517-483-9700.

Partnering Universities at the UC

University of Michigan- Flint, Western Michigan University, Ferris State University, Siena Heights University, and Northwood University.

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