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Financial Aid Budget Worksheet

Please note: This worksheet is for personal use only and does not need to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

You should make a budget while you are attending school to determine if you must borrow student loans. Borrowing responsibly now will help ensure that you have the future you expect when you graduate. Determine what your necessary expenses are and what your sources of funding are prior to deciding how to borrow responsibly to fund your education. Loans should be your last resort.

After completing this form, you may print it out for your personal records, or you may send it electronically to your email address.

Enter the applicable amounts below:

Income / Expense    Amount
Current Monthly Income/Resources
(do not include student loan amounts)
Rent or Mortgage Payment $
Vehicle Payment and Insurance $
Groceries $
Utilities $
Tuition and Fees $
Books and Supplies $
Retirement and/or Savings $
Miscellaneous $
Remaining Income $

If your remaining income is positive, you should not need to borrow a student loan.

If your remaining income is negative, use this figure to determine how much student loan to borrow or determine if you can find another source of income that does not put you into debt.

This worksheet is for your personal use only.

Do not turn this worksheet in to the Financial Aid Office.

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