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GRSS on LCC-TV & LCC Radio

9th Annual Cardboard ClassicWe had a lot of fun taping our first season of the Grand River Studio Sessions! Thank you to all the fine musicians who passed through our studios. We are currently in the process of recording the second season of the Grand River Studio Sessions with appearances from Bennett, Mike Vial, Wally Pleasant, The Sundowners and a whole bunch of others. In the meantime, we will be re-airing the first season on LCC-TV and LCC Radio. Or can view them now on YouTube. Soon we will have the entire first season online, but for now here is our first episode with Joe Hertler.

The Wolverine Caucus on LCC-TV The Link

U of M Wolverine CaucusJoin LCC-TV for coverage of the U of M Wolverine Caucus. The Wolverine Caucus is a production developed by the UM Government Relations Department. The goal of the program is to provide substantive forums for UM alumni who work in and around state government. The caucus includes legislators, legislative staff, and executive office and state department personnel who are alums; government leaders, association members, lobbyists, attorneys and other alumni in Lansing. The Wolverine Caucus airs weekly on LCC-TV, Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

The Coffee Break Webpage...

Coffee Break on WLNZThe Coffee Break Morning Show is your connection to LCC and the Lansing community. Co-hosts Jack Robbins and Karen Love talk with a variety of local guests about events, programs, opportunities, and organ izations. You can stay up to date with what's happening on the Coffee Break with our web page! So grab a cup o' joe and tune in to 89.7 weekday mornings at 9am or watch the LIVE STREAM on LCC-TV.


WLNZ's Ninth Annual Silver Bells in the City Radio Play

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold to join LCC Radio for our Ninth Annual Silver Bells in the City Radio Play. The Great Christmas Caper. If you missed the live presentation, you can check out the show on YouTube. Hope to see you at next year's Silver Bells Radio Play. Happy holidays and best wishes to you in 2015!

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