LANSING COMMUNITY COLLEGE                             
                                  TRANSFER GUIDE

Curriculum:  Fire Science Administration, Waldorf College
             Online Completion Programs for LCC-AAS 0123        
Curriculum Code: 1600                                                              

                                                        TOTAL CREDITS 69
1.  This transfer guide represents an Articulation (partnership) Agreement 
    between Waldorf College and Lansing Community College (LCC).  This agreement
    establishes criteria for LCC credits to transfer into Waldorf's Online 
    Degree programs, and will remain in effect until 4/15/2016. 
2.  A maximum of ninety (90) semester hours may be transferred into Waldorf's
    Online Degree programs, providing they are relevant and in alignment with 
    the applicable degree program.
3.  A GPA higher than 1.5 will be required for credit transfer consideration.
4.  Students entering Waldorf's programs must have a High School Diploma or a 
    General Education Development Certificate (GED).
5.  Students will be required to complete a minimum of thirty six (36) hours of 
    upper level course work at Waldorf to be eligible for graduation.
6.  Waldorf's Online Degree programs are delivered in an 8 week term format and 
    requires students to complete a 1 credit hour accelerated course for every 
    30 credit hours of online courses completed at Waldorf.  Accelerated courses
    are taught at one of the Waldorf Campus locations around the country.  
7.  LCC students, faculty, staff members, their spouse and children enrolling in
    Waldorf's Online Degree program will receive a ten (10) percent tuition 
    discount and a waiver of the application fee.  In addition, textbooks are 
    provided at no cost. 
8.  Transfer applicants must submit the following:
    a. Application for Admissions form; 
    b. An official high school transcript; and 
    c. Official transcript(s) from all colleges and universities attended.
9.  The following LCC programs/degrees are currently accepted in transfer to 
    Waldorf College when the above criteria has been met:
    Associate in Applied Science Degree for Fire Science Technology (0123)
10. Students seeking an LCC associate degrees must fulfill specific graduation 
    requirements. See the LCC Catalog for details. 
11. This transfer guide requires basic skill levels in mathematics, reading, and 
    writing.  To determine accurate course placement, students should take the 
    Computerized Placement Tests in the LCC Assessment Center (GB 200) prior to
    registration.  For testing hours call (517) 267-5500.

For further information and advising, contact Waldorf College, 106 South 6th St.
Forest City, Iowa 50436; (800) 292-1903 or email 

Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014