LANSING COMMUNITY COLLEGE                             
                                  TRANSFER GUIDE

Curriculum:  Interactive Media Design, Franklin University
             3+1 Online Degree Completion Program
Curriculum Code: 1566                                                              

                        			Semester       Semester
Code       Title         			Credits        Offered

REQUIREMENTS Total: 18 Credits             
ARTS 102   Design & Communication       	   3       	ALL
ARTS 162   Type Communications           	   3   		ALL
MATH 112   Intermediate Algebra       	           4    	ALL
WRIT 121   Composition I       			   4  		ALL
WRIT 122   Composition II      			   4    	ALL

LIMITED CHOICE REQUIREMENTS Total: 61-63 Credits (See Note 3)        
Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.
CHOICE 1:  Mathematics 4 Credits (See Note 4)
CHOICE 2:  Art & Humanities 6 Credits (See Note 5)
CHOICE 3:  Sciences 6 Credits (See Note 6)
CHOICE 4:  Social/Behavioral Science 6 credits (See Note 7)
CHOICE 5:  Statistical Concepts 3-4 Credits
MGMT 335   Managerial Statistics    		   3    	F,SP
STAT 170   Introduction to Statistics      	   4    	ALL
STAT 215   Intro to Probability and Statistics     4   		F,SP
CHOICE 6:  Oral Communication 3 Credits
SPCH 120   Dynamics of Communication    	   3		All
SPCH 130   Fund of Public Speaking     		   3    	ALL
SPCH 140   Interpersonal Communication      	   3	        F,SP
CHOICE 7:  Business Communication 3 Credits
WRIT 124   Technical Writing    		   3	        ALL
WRIT 127   Business Writing    			   3    	ALL
CHOICE 8:  Economics 4 Credits
ECON 201   Principles of Economics-Micro    	   4     	ALL
ECON 202   Principles of Economics-Macro    	   4   	        ALL
CHOICE 9:  Spreadsheets Competency 3 Credits 
CITA 110   Intro to Microsoft Office     	   3		ALL
CITA 126   Microsoft Excel     			   3		ALL
CHOICE 10: Databases Competency 3 Credits  
CITA 110   Intro to Microsoft Office     	   3	        ALL
CITA 133   Microsoft Access Database   		   3		ALL
CHOICE 11: General Education 2 Credits (See Note 8)
CHOICE 12: Interactive Design Fundamentals 3-4 Credits (See Note 9)
CHOICE 12: IMD Technical Area 15 Credits (See Note 10)

ELECTIVES Total: 0-3 Credits (See Note 11)
Complete the indicated number of credits in approved transferable courses only. 

                                                           TOTAL CREDITS 82
1.  This transfer guide supports a 3+1 Articulation (partnership) Agreement
    between Lansing Community College (LCC) and Franklin University that 
    facilitates the transfer of LCC students to the Franklin University Online 
    Degree Completion Program. This articulated agreement does not have a
    specified expiration date.
2.  Entrance into the Franklin University Alliance online bachelor degree program
    requires completion of an associate degree or 60 transferable credits and a
    2.50 GPA. It is recommended that students apply to Franklin University and 
    take PF 321-Learning Strategies before beginning any additional community
    college course work after the conclusion of an associate degree.   
3.  Students are encouraged to work with the Franklin Advisor (see below) when 
    selecting courses to fulfill limited choice requirements. Regardless of the 
    number of credits completed prior to transfer, 42 semester credits hours of 
    the 124 credits required for the bachelor's degree must be completed in 
    resident with Franklin.  
4.  Students are required to take one course beyond the intermediate algebra 
    (MATH 112) competency requirement. Select from: MATH 120,130,151.
5.  Select Humanities credits from: ENGL, HIST, HUMS, PHIL or RELG.
6.  Select Science credits from: BIOL, CHEM, or PHYS. One of the courses must 
    contain a laboratory component in order to fulfill this requirement.
7.  Select Social/Behavioral Science credits from: ANTH, PSYC, or SOCL. Students
    must select courses from at least 2 different disciplines to fulfill this 
8.  Students are encouraged to discuss possible course options with the Franklin
    Advisor (see below).  
9.  This course requires the ability to design interactive experiences within Web
    pages, Web apps, mobile apps, and other formats. Familiarity with one or more
    of the following industry standard software including: Flash, Cold Fusion, 
    Contribute, ActionScript, Dynamic HTML, XHTML, HTML5, JavaScript, game 
    programming, AJAX, or similar program is desired. Please contact your Advisor
    for options.
10. Select 15 credits from one of the approved Interactive Media Design 
    disciplines such as Web Design, Interactive Media, Flash Animation, or Media 
    Design. Please contact your Advisor for options. 
11. An official evaluation of transfer credit will determine the need for 
    electives. For students who need additional courses, please see the Franklin
    University Academic Advisor for approval prior to taking the course. 
12. Students who complete the coursework on this transfer guide may be eligible 
    to receive an LCC Associate Degree. Please contact the LCC Academic Advising
    Center for additional information. Students seeking an LCC associate degree
    must fulfill specific graduation requirements. See the LCC Catalog 
    for details.
13. This transfer guide requires basic skill levels in mathematics, reading, and 
    writing. To determine accurate course placement, students should take the 
    Computerized Placement Tests in the LCC Assessment Center (GB 200) prior to
    registration. For testing hours call (517) 267-5500. 

For further information and advising, contact Bob Morris, Assistant Director, 
Community College Alliance, at (614) 947-6050 or email; 
Franklin University, 201 S. Grant Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43215, (877) 341-6300 

Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014