TRANSFER GUIDE

Curriculum:  Aviation Maintenance Technology, Western Michigan University
Curriculum Code: 1534                                                              

                        		     Semester  Semester
Code       Title        		     Credits   Offered

REQUIREMENTS Total: 94 Credits
AVAF 125   Aircraft Systems I      		2    	SP
AVAF 126   Aircraft Systems II    	 	6   	SP
AVAF 127   Aircraft Systems III   	 	3   	SU
AVAF 134   Aircraft Instruments    		2   	SU
AVAF 208   Aircraft Structures I       		4    	SP
AVAF 209   Aircraft Structures II      		4    	F
AVAF 210   Aircraft Structures III     		4     	F
AVAF 211   Aircraft Electrical I        	4    	SP
AVAF 212   Aircraft Electrical II       	4    	SU
AVAF 246   Airframe Certification    		1   	F
AVEL 200   Flight Line Testing    		2    	F
AVEL 201   Flight Line Testing Lab     		1    	F
AVGM 111   Aviation General I      		4   	F
AVGM 112   Aviation General II     		6    	F
AVGM 113   Aviation General III    		4    	F
AVGM 114   Materials & Processes     		5   	F
AVPP 241   Reciprocating Engine        		8   	F
AVPP 251   Reciprocating Engine Systems    	2   	SP
AVPP 253   Reciprocating Ignition Systems	5   	SP
AVPP 255   Reciprocating Induction Sys    	4   	SP
AVPP 257   Aircraft Propeller Systems       	4   	SP
AVPP 259   Turbine Engine I    			4    	SP
AVPP 261   Turbine Engine II      		4     	SU
AVPP 263   Turbine Engine Systems     		2    	SU
AVPP 265   Powerplant Instruments     		2    	SU
AVPP 267   Powerplant Certification     	1   	SU
WELD 210   Aircraft Welding    			2   	F,SP

                                                             TOTAL CREDITS 94
1. This transfer guide represents the Articulation (partnership) Agreement 
   between Lansing Community College (LCC) and Western Michigan University (WMU)
   that facilitates the transfer of LCC students to the WMU Bachelor of Science
   in Aviation Maintenance Technology. This articulated agreement does not have
   a specified expiration date. 
2. Student Procedure:
   a. Enroll at LCC in the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program completing 
      one of the following combinations:
      1) Basic Aviation Technology CC (1037) AND Airframe Maintenance Technology
         CA 1036 AND Powerplant Maintenance Technology CA (1035) -or-
      2) Airframe Maintenance Technology AAS (0757) AND Powerplant Maintenance 
         Technology CA (1035) -or-
      3) Powerplant Maintenance Technology AAS (0745) AND Airframe Maintenance 
         Technology CA (1036).
   b. Apply to WMU, seeking the Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation 
      Maintenance Technology.
   c. Have LCC send an official transcript to the WMU Admissions Office.
   d. Be admitted to WMU.
   e. Once "a through d" above have been met, under maximum credit transfer, LCC
      courses will be applied as a block transfer of 64 WMU credits, which is 
      approximately one half of the total required for graduation.  
   f. Contact WMU College of Aviation Academic Advising Office (see below)
      for degree planning and registration.
3. The WMU College of Aviation Maintenance Technology program is accredited by
   the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AACI). An overview of the 
   university, plus academic information is available at 
4. Students seeking an LCC associate degree must fulfill specific graduation
   requirements. See the LCC Catalog for details.
5. This transfer guide requires basic skill levels in mathematics, reading, and 
   writing. To determine accurate course placement, students should take the 
   Computerized Placement Tests in the LCC Assessment Center (GB 200) prior to
   registration. For testing hours call (517) 267-5500.
For further information and advising, contact the LCC Aviation Program at
(517) 267-6406; or the WMU College of Aviation at (269) 964-6375.  
Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014