TRANSFER GUIDE

Curriculum:  Fine Arts, College for Creative Studies
             2+2 Transfer Program for LCC-AA Degree 0748
Curriculum Code: 1337                                                              

                        		     Semester        Semester
Code       Title         		     Credits         Offered

REQUIREMENTS Total: 40 Credits
ARTS 102   Design & Communication       	3       	ALL
ARTS 103   3-Dimensional Design          	3     		F,SP
ARTS 131   Drawing I           			3    		ALL
ARTS 132   Figure Drawing (See Note 7)      	3  		ALL
ARTS 140   Printmaking I      		 	3      		F
ARTS 145   Screen Printing I      		4  	  	F,SP
ARTS 190   Matting and Framing Techniques      	1	        F,SP
ARTS 195   Employ/Busn Issues for Artists   	1		F,SP
ARTS 200   Painting I          			3 		F,SP
ARTS 204   Watercolor I        			4 		F,SP
ARTS 211   Art History to Renaissance    	4		ALL
ARTS 212   Art Hist from Renaissance   		4 		ALL
WRIT 121   Composition I       			4 		ALL

Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.
CHOICE 1: MACRAO Requirements 8-9 Credits (See Note 5)
          Mathematics         			4
          Science            			4-5
CHOICE 2: Writing 4 Credits
ENGL 122  Writ/Lit & Ideas    			4     		ALL
WRIT 122  Composition II      			4     		ALL
CHOICE 3: English 4 Credits
ENGL 202  World Drama         			4     		F
ENGL 203  Intro to Prose      			4     		F
ENGL 211  World Lit I         			4     		F
ENGL 212  World Lit II        			4     		SP
CHOICE 4: Art 16 Credits (See Notes 6,7)

                                                            TOTAL CREDITS  72
1. This transfer guide represents an Articulation (partnership) Agreement between
   Lansing Community College (LCC) and the College for Creative Studies (CCS) 
   that facilitates the transfer of LCC credits toward the CCS Bachelor of  
   Fine Arts in Fine Arts degree. This agreement is effective until written 
   dissolution by either party
2. Students who have completed the Art Foundation Associate in Arts program at
   LCC may transfer the credits indicated in this transfer guide toward a BFA
   in Fine Arts at CCS. Under this agreement, students may transfer additional
   courses beyond the total for the LCC associate degree.  A minimum of 45 credit
   hours of the 126 credits needed for graduation must be completed at CCS.
3. Students must meet all admission requirements at the time of admission to CCS,
   including submitting a portfolio and transcripts from all previously attended
   colleges indicating a 2.50 cumulative GPA.  Only courses with a grade of 2.0 
   or better will be accepted for transfer to CCS.
4. Students interested in transferring to CCS should contact the CCS Admissions
   Office prior to completing an admission application to CCS. To facilitate
   the transcript evaluation, student should bring a copy of the CCS Articulation
   Agreement to all advising sessions.
5. See the MACRAO Transfer Agreement for a complete list of LCC course options.
6. Select 16 credits from: ARTS 110, 114, 132, 141, 146, 151, 153, 171, 201,
   203, 205, 206, 221.
7. ARTS 132 must be taken to meet the "REQUIREMENTS" and may also be taken one
   additional time (see Note 6 above) for a total of 6 credits.
8. Students who complete the coursework for this transfer guide may be eligible 
   to receive the LCC Associate in Arts Degree. Contact the LCC Academic 
   Advising Center for additional information. Students seeking an LCC associate 
   degree must fulfill specific graduation. See the LCC Catalog for details.
9. This transfer guide requires basic skill levels in mathematics, reading, and 
   writing.  To determine accurate course placement, students should take the 
   Computerized Placement Tests in the LCC Assessment Center (GB 200) prior to
   registration.  For testing hours call (517) 267-5500.
For further information and advising, contact the Admissions Office, College
for Creative Studies at (800) 952-2787, 201 East Kirby, Detroit MI 48202-4034.

Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014