TRANSFER GUIDE
Title:  General Education Requirements, Ferris State University
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The General Education Requirements for the BS degree are listed below:

A. Communication Competence:  12 credits
   Select from:  WRIT 121/131; WRIT 122/132; SPCH 130/140
   One upper-level writing/speech course to be completed at Ferris (3 credits)
B. Quantitative Skills:
   MATH 112 or higher
   Other option:  students may pass the FSU proficiency exam.
C. Scientific Understanding:  7 credits
   Choose two (2) approved courses, one with a lab, from:
   ASTR, BIOL, CHEM, GEOG 220, GEOL 221,222, ISCI 131, or PHYS
D. Cultural Enrichment:  9 credits
   Choose three (3) courses with at least one course that will transfer to
   Ferris at a 200 or higher level.  No more than 5 credits of music or 
   theatre activity courses can count toward this requirement.  Select 
   courses from:  Art, art history, foreign languages, history, humanities,
   literature, music, PHOT 101, theatre, WRIT 260,270,285,286.
E. Social Awareness:  9 credits
   Choose three courses in at least two different subject areas with at 
   least one courses at the 200 level or higher (underlined) from:  ANTH 
   270,271,275; ECON 201,202; GEOG 200,202; POLS 120,240,250,260,270;
   PSYC 200,202,203,205,221,222; SOCL 120,254,255,260.
F. Race/Ethnicity/Gender - 1 course
   (Required if transferring without MACRAO Stamp)
   Choose one course from the following:  ANTH 270,275; ENGL 260,270; GEOG
   200; HIST 150; POLS 120,240,250,260,270; PSYC 200,202,203,205,221,222;
   SOCL 120,254,255,260.
G. Global Consciousness - 1 course 
   (Required if transferring without MACRAO Stamp)
   Global Consciousness courses deal with contemporary cultures, languages,
   or societies outside North America or with contemporary Native American
   culture and civilization.  Select one course from:  ANTH 270; BUSN 201;
   ENGL 202,203; FREN; GEOG 200; GRMN; POLS 260,270; RELG 211,250; SPAN; 
   SOCL 254.

1. The MACRAO Transfer Agreement applies to students entering bachelor
   degree programs at FSU, and pertains solely to general education. 
   The agreement does not exempt students from meeting specific prerequisite
   and/or course requirements for their degree. Only courses with a grade of
   "C" (2.0) or better will transfer.  
2. Students transferring to Ferris State University with MACRAO will have
   met the lower-division general education communication competency; 
   scientific understanding; cultural enrichment; social awareness; race, 
   ethnicity, and gender; and global awareness requirements. In order to 
   complete the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree, 
   students with MACRAO must still complete math proficiency and upper-
   level communication competency requirements.
3. Many degrees require specific courses and prerequisite courses that also 
   count for FSU's general education requirements.  Because these specific 
   courses are required for the degree, they must be taken even if a 
   student has sufficient coursework to complete the MACRAO agreement.  
4. Courses often meet more than one general education requirement
   simultaneously in the following categories: Cultural Enrichment,
   Social Awareness, Global Consciousness, and Race/Ethnicity/Gender.
5. LCC courses other than those appearing on this guide should be checked
   for transferability by consulting the Ferris State University web page

For assistance with the transfer admissions process, contact Shari 
Chamberlain, Transfer Admissions Office, at (800) 4-FERRIS, (231) 591-2100 
or e-mail 

Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014