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Title:  General Education Requirements, Saginaw Valley State University
Code:   1180                                                                     

The following are Lansing Community College courses that may be used to
satisfy or partially satisfy the 10 General Education categories at Saginaw 
Valley State University (SVSU). This guide applies to students enrolling at 
SVSU Fall 2009 and after.  Students should contact SVSU regarding inactive LCC 
courses not appearing on this guide. This guide is subject to change without 
notice. SVSU transfer/equivalency information for active LCC courses can be 
viewed online at 

BASIC SKILLS:     Composition - WRIT 121 or 131
                  Reading     - Test at SVSU
                  Mathematics - MATH 107 (no transferable credit)

Additional Basic Skills courses may be required depending on placement test 
results and/or transfer credits.

Categories and Credits               Select course/s from:

1.  Literature - 3 credits          ENGL 201,202,203,211,212,266,267

2.  Arts - 3 credits                ARTS 130,211*,212*; ENGL 240; HUMS 140; 
                                    MUSC 138,144,145,199,240,241; 
                                    THEA 110,120,210
                                    * Counts for general education credit for
                                      non-art majors only.
3.  Numerical Understanding         MATH 120,121,122,126,130,141,151,161; 
    4 credits                       MGMT 335; STAT 170,215

4.  Natural Sciences - 7 credits    ASTR 201; BIOL 120,121,127,128,145,201,202,
    from two SVSU departments,      210,229,260,265,270; CHEM 135,151,161;
    include one lab science         GEOG 121; GEOL 221,222,230; ISCI 121,
    course (underlined)             122,131; PHYS 120,221,251

5.  History/Philosophy              HIST 150,211,212,214,230,260,271;
    3 credits                       HUMS 213,214,215; PHIL 152,153,260,265

6.  Social Science - 3 credits      ANTH 270; GEOG 202; POLS 201; PSYC 200

7.  Social Institutions             CJUS 101; ECON 202; POLS 120; SOCL 120,254
    3 credits

8.  International Systems           BUSN 201; ECON 260; GEOG 200; HIST 250; 
    3 credits                       PHIL 211,212; POLS 270

9.  Oral Communication              CHIN 121,122; FREN/GRMN/JAPN/SPAN 
    3 credits                       121,122,201; SPCH 110,120,130,140; 

10. Written Communication           ENGL 122,132; HIST 210; PHIL 151; 
    3 credits                       WRIT 122,132

SVSU's General Education Requirements also include two Communication Intensive
courses selected from Categories 2-8.  Additional course information may be
required for transfer credit evaluation.

No course may be counted in more than one General Education category but may 
be counted towards majors and minors. 

A student who has fulfilled the thirty (30) credit General Education
requirement specified in the MACRAO Transfer Agreement will have to take no more
than two categories to satisfy SVSU's ten category General Education requirements. 
If an evaluation leaves more than two categories unfilled, waivers (not 
transfer credits) will be given for credits in categories until two categories
remain unfilled.

For further information and advising, contact Rebecca Dewald, Coordinator for
Transfer Student Programs & Services, (989) 964-4200/(800) 968-9500 or email; Saginaw Valley State University, 7400 Bay Road, University 
Center, MI  48710.

                 VISIT THE SVSU WEBSITE AT
Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014