TRANSFER GUIDE

Curriculum:  Applied Science, Siena Heights University
             3+1 Transfer Program, LCC University Center
Curriculum Code: 1064                                                              

                                                               MINIMUM TOTAL  90

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree (BAS) is a career-oriented degree designed
for professionals with allied health, technical or vocational training and
experience, and graduates of two-year occupational programs.  The BAS is structured
on the "inverted major" concept, which builds an individually designed academic
degree program around the allied health, technical, or occupational "major" the 
student has already completed.  With the assistance of a SHU Advisor each BAS
student develops a customized degree plan appropriate to his/her learning and 
future goals.

1. This transfer guide represents an Articulation (partnership) Agreement between 
   Lansing Community College (LCC) and Siena Heights University (SHU) that
   facilitates the transfer of 90 LCC credits toward the Bachelor of Applied 
   Science (BAS) degree at SHU. This articulated agreement does not have a 
   specified expiration date. 
2. To earn a BAS degree from Siena Heights, a student must complete a total of 
   120 semester hours of college credit.  Within that 120 hours, a student:
   a. may transfer up to 90 semester hours of credit from completion of an 
      approved AAS major at LCC, other college, college-equivalent military, 
      corporate or professional training, and/or CLEP testing;
   b. must fulfill the general education core requirements (see Note 3);
   c. must demonstrate proficiency in mathematics and writing;
   d. must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average in course work at SHU;
   e. must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at the 300/400 level, including 
      at least 15 hours of upper-level course work earned at Siena Heights. 
3. General Education Requirements:  A student who transfers 60 or more semester
   hours to Siena Heights must include the following courses selected in 
   cooperation with an SHU advisor:
   a. English composition: 6 credits
   b. Mathematics OR lab science: 3-4 credits
   c. Social science, fine/performing arts, literature or history: 3 credits
4. Developmental-level credit will not transfer toward major requirements for
   this degree program.
5. Approved LCC Associate Degrees for the Bachelor of Applied Science Major are:   
   Airframe Maintenance Technology, AAS
   Architecture Technology, AAS
   Auto Collision Repair, AAS
   Automotive Technology, AAS
   Chemical Technology, AAS
   Civil Technology, AAS
   Computer Auditor, AB
   Computer Programmer/Analyst, AB
   Computer Repair & Support Technician, AAS
   Computer Support Specialist, AB
   Criminal Justice Corrections, AAS
   Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, AAS
   Customer Energy Specialist, AAS
   Dental Hygiene, AAS
   Diagnostic Medical Sonography, AAS
   Electrical Technology, AAS
   Emergency Medical Services, AAS
   Environmental Technology, AAS
   Fire Science/Basic EMT, AAS
   Fire Science Technology, AAS
   General Technology, AAS
   Geographic Information Systems/Geospatial Technology, AAS
   Heat & Air Conditioning, AAS
   Heavy Equipment Repair Technician, AAS
   Histologic Technology, AAS
   Hospitality Management, AB
   Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Technology, AAS
   Molecular Biotechnology, AAS
   Nursing, RN Option, AAS
   Powerplant Maintenance Technology, AAS
   Radiologic Technology, AAS
   Real Estate, AB
   Sign Language Interpreter, AAA
   Surgical Technology, AAS
6. Students seeking an LCC associate degree must fulfill specific graduation
   requirements. See the LCC Catalog for details.
For further information and advising, contact Siena Heights University at the
LCC University Center - 210 W. Shiawassee St., Lansing, MI; phone (517) 483-9726;
email; website    

Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014