TRANSFER GUIDE

Curriculum:  Criminal Justice-Generalist, Ferris State University
             3+1 University Center Transfer Program
Curriculum Code: 1029                                                              

                        		   Semester  Semester
Code       Title       			   Credits   Offered

REQUIREMENTS Total: 34 Credits
CJUS 101   Intro to Criminal Justice         	3   	ALL
CJUS 106   Intro to Juvenile Justice    	3    	ALL
CJUS 131   Introduction to Corrections       	3   	F,SP
CJUS 201   Criminal Justice Org/Admin    	3    	ALL
MATH 112   Intermediate Algebra      		4   	ALL
PSYC 200   Introduction to Psychology    	4   	ALL
SOCL 120   Introduction to Sociology     	4  	ALL
SOCL 254   Marriage and Family     		3   	F,SP
SOCL 260   Race and Ethnicity      		3   	F,SP
WRIT 121   Composition I  (See Note 9)     	4   	ALL

Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.
CHOICE 1:  General Education 16 Credits (See Note 2)
           Cultural Enrichment     9
           Science      	   7
CHOICE 2:  Communication Competency 3-4 Credits (See Note 9)
WRIT 122   Composition II      			4    	ALL
WRIT 124   Technical Writing   			3    	ALL
CHOICE 3:  Computers 3 Credits
CITA 110   Intro to Microsoft Office     	3   	ALL
CITF 110   Intro Computer Info Systems     	3   	ALL
CHOICE 4:  Speech 3 Credits
SPCH 130   Fund of Public Speaking     		3    	ALL
SPCH 140   Interpersonal Communication      	3   	F,SP
CHOICE 5:  Business Elective 3-4 Credits
ACCG 210   Principles of Accounting I     	4    	ALL
LEGL 215   Busn Law I, Basic Principles    	3    	ALL
MGMT 234   Diversity in the Workplace    	3   	ALL

ELECTIVES Total: 19-22 Credits (See Notes 3,8)
Complete the indicated number of credits in transferable courses of your choice.

                                                           TOTAL CREDITS 81
1.  This transfer guide supports an Articulation (partnership) Agreement
    between Lansing Community College (LCC) and Ferris State University (Ferris)
    that allows students who have earned an Associate in Applied Science Degree in
    Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement (1210) at LCC to transfer the identified
    credits toward a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice-Generalist Option
    degree at Ferris State University.  The remaining FSU courses for the BS
    in Criminal Justice can be completed at the LCC University Center, online,
    and/or mixed delivery.  Additionally, Ferris extends financial aid benefits
    to students in Lansing who have earned a minimum of 64 semester credits.
    This articulation agreement has no specific expiration date.
2.  See the MACRAO Transfer Agreement for appropriate LCC courses.  Final 
    responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student.
3.  Students must satisfy the FSU Global Consciousness and Race/Ethnicity/Gender
    general education requirements if the MACRAO stamp is not on their transcript.
4.  To be admitted to the program students must:
    a. Complete or in the process of completing an AAS degree in Criminal 
    b. Must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in all courses to be admitted.
    c. Admission considered during any semester at FSU after completion of 48
       college credit hours.
    d. Students must meet the University General Education Requirements.
    e. Submit an official transcript from all accredited colleges/universities
       attended along with the FSU application form. 
5. This program and the Ferris courses are offered to students of LCC at the
   following locations:
   a. Lansing Community College, University Center
   b. Ferris State University, Big Rapids Campus
   c. Select courses delivered online and/or in a mixed delivery format (i.e. a
   mix of online and face-to-face instruction at either LCC, the Ferris main
   campus, or at another off-campus location)
6. Students who register for a fully online course must first demonstrate
   competency in Ferris Connect Skills. This may be done by taking a tutorial
   and quiz, or by submitting a waiver request (for those who have already taken
   and passed online courses). First check with the department that offers the
   class to determine their particular needs regarding registration for online
   course work.
7. It is recommended that potential applicants meet with an advisor to review the
   program and course schedule and have any questions answered prior to completing
   an application. Students who are completing the MACRAO Stamp may have
   different general education course requirements. Meeting with a Ferris advisor
   prior to the selection of any electives or general education classes could
   reduce the chance of completing a course that will not transfer or apply toward
   the degree.  Once admitted, students continue to meet with an advisor as they
   work toward graduation.
8. Students seeking an LCC associate degree must fulfill specific graduation
   requirements. See the LCC Catalog for details.
9. This transfer guide requires basic skill levels in mathematics, reading, and 
   writing. To determine accurate course placement, students should take the 
   Computerized Placement Tests in the LCC Assessment Center (GB 200) prior to
   registration. For testing hours call (517) 267-5500.

For further information and advising, contact the FSU Advisor at the LCC
University Center at (517) 483-9723 or; or
Steven Reifert, Director, School of Criminal Justice, (231) 591-5013 or, program website at
Students seeking information regarding FSU financial aid for the final portion
of this program should contact an FSU financial aid advisor at (800) 940-4243.
For assistance with the transfer process contact Shari Chamberlain, Transfer
Admissions Office, at (800) 4-FERRIS/(231) 591-2100 or

Effective from Fall 2013 through Summer 2014