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Registered Student Organizations

Lansing Community College has many Registered Student Organizations each semester to choose from; there is something for everyone! RSOs cover a wide range of topics and interest areas, including but not limited to: academic, business, environmental, international, political, racial/ethnic, religious, women's interests and sports. The Student Life Office officially recognizes these organizations through an annual registration process. Once registered, RSOs can plan and sponsor activities on campus, apply for funding, and participate in events.

For more information on how to join a club or organization, or how to start one, call the Student Life Office at 517.483.1285, or visit us in the Gannon Building Room 2202.

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The following RSOs have officially registered and are active for the 2016-2017 Academic Year (Fall 2016-Summer 2017):

Akido Club: Adviser Robert Van Oeveren, 517.483.1686

American Marketing Association: Advisers Bill Motz, 517.483.1540, Adrienne Jenkins 517.483.1550 AMA Website

Anthropology/Sociology Club: Adviser Kali Majumdar, 517.483.1031

Black Student Union: Advisers Robin Moore, 517.483.9616, Willie Davis

Campus Disciples: Adviser Edwin Bryant, 517.483.7218

Cheer Club: Adviser Elaine Miles, 517.483.9658

Dental Hygiene Club: Adviser Betsy Burger, 517.483.1467

Fashion Arts and Design Association: Advisers Andrea Bartlett, Samantha Bartlett

Fellowship of Immersive Gaming: Adviser James Chye

Friends of the Listening Ear: Adviser Laura Spees

Future Teachers Club: Adviser Geoff Quick, 517.483.1140

Game Night: Adviser Andrew George, 517.267.5690 Facebook

Gay Straight Alliance: Adviser James FergusonFacebook

History Club: Advisers Wade Merrill, Anne Heutsche, 517.483.1037

International Club: Advisers Ana Woehr, 517.483.1215, Jung Shin, 517.483.1984

Information Technology Student Alliance: Advisers Sarah Garcia-Linz, 517.483.1405, Brendan Fleishans, 517.483.1352

Karate/Judo Club: Adviser Forest Tate

Kinesiology Club: Advisers Ivy Tagger, 517.483.1450, Jennifer Hilker

Math/Computer Science Club: Adviser Homa Ghaussi-Mujtaba, 517.483.1388

Native American Student Alliance: Advisers Eva Menefee, 517.483.9674, Lisa Alexander, 517.483.1197

Phi Theta Kappa: Advisers Emerson Sheffey Margo Whalen, 517.483.9662 Facebook

Photography Club: Adviser Ike Lea, 517.483.1705

Physics/Engineering Club: Adviser David Shane, 517.483.1109

Psychology Club: Advisers Sharon Hughes, 517.483.1136, Vaughn Vowels Facebook

Recovery Club: Advisers Karen Smydra, 517.483.1577, Elizabeth Clifford Facebook Recovery Club Website

Salsa Club: Adviser Santos Gutierrez, 517.483.9962

Sign Language Club: Adviser Brenda Cartwright, 517.483.9610

Soccer Club: Adviser Jose Aste

Student Nurses Association: Adviser Carole Stacy, 517.483.4010

Yoga Club: Adviser Rob Eschbach


For questions about a student organization, please contact the adviser(s) listed or  Student Life.

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