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LCC Campus Art Contest

You have a unique opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on LCC's campus!

As part of the exciting transformation of the LCC Downtown Campus currently underway and including major renovations to both the Arts & Sciences and the Gannon Buildings, the College wishes to incorporate student ideas to further enhance the beauty of our campus while also highlighting the talent of LCC students. We especially encourage you to submit an original "concept design" for an art piece that, if selected, will be featured on our campus as rendered in a medium to be determined by the College (for example: as a sculpture, installation, painting, ceramic, drawing, silhouette, or multimedia piece).

Students whose conceptual designs are chosen for placement on campus will receive a $100 gift card and be named on a placard identifying the final work itself.

The College particularly seeks submissions of original "concept designs" from any and all of the following themes:

  • Objects/designs related to education, learning, success, the future, technology, careers
  • Signs and symbols related to mathematics, science or other fields of knowledge
  • Implements used in writing, drawing or design
  • Musical instruments, notation signs, performing artists
  • Silhouettes of people and objects in interesting poses, placements or arrangements
  • 3D geometric shapes in creative combinations, as abstractions or recognizable objects
  • Art pieces that integrate or interplay with their settings in nature or buildings on campus

A "concept design" should include:

  1. your name, college major, email and phone contact information
  2. a suggested title
  3. a visual representation of the idea, design or object submitted either as a computer drawing/graphic or as a scanned image of a hand-drawn design; and
  4. a brief written description including your vision of how the work might be created (medium), displayed and/or installed.

Please note that the final medium, size, material, finish, and placement of selected works will be determined by the College.

"Concept designs" must be submitted by May 30, 2013 to the Office of the President at For further information or questions, please contact Lori Murphy at the same email address or (517) 483-1851.

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