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The Centre for Engaged Inclusion

The Centre for Engaged Inclusion

Mission and Vision

MISSION: The Centre for Engaged Inclusion engages the campus and Lansing area in building an equitable and inclusive community through intellectual exploration and collaboration.

VISION: We envision a community where everyone has a sense of belonging and possibility, and is empowered to cultivate an equitable world.

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The Centre is located in the Gannon Building - 252.02. We are located next to the Student Life Office.

PHONE: (517) 483-1616


Monday - Thursday: 10-6
Friday: 10-3

Program Schedule

Spring 2017 Full Schedule of Events

Spring 2017 One Book One LCC Schedule of Events

Exhibits at The LCC Library
Patriots & Peacemakers: Arab Americans in Service to Our Country
Exhibit on Display March through June

Patriots and Peacemakers

Arab Americans have been an integral part of the United States of America since its inception, contributing to our society in myriad ways, including public service. Patriots & Peacemakers: Arab Americans in Service to Our Country tells true stories of heroism and self-sacrifice that affirm the important role Arab Americans have played in our country throughout its history.

Patriots & Peacemakers highlights three specific areas of service: the U.S. Armed Forces, diplomatic service and the Peace Corps. Personal narratives highlight Arab American men and women of different national and religious backgrounds. This exhibition also encourages visitors to consider how commitment to service impacts them in their daily lives.

Exhibition will be on display March through June at the LCC Library then travel to the Pentagon.

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From the Harvest of Shame to the Harvest of Hope:
Bringing Labor Justice to the Florida Tomato Industry
One Book One LCC Speaker Series
Tuesday, April 4 - Thursday, April 6
Main Campus, Various Locations

Harvest of Shame

Join Barry Estabrook, author of Tomatoland, and Community Organizers Santiago Perez and Natali Rodriguez for a discussion on how some of the nation's most marginalized and abused farmworkers dramatically improved their own working conditions by partnering with America's largest food retailers and in turn created a workplace template that could benefit agricultural workers across the country-and around the world.

Barry Estabrook, Author of Tomatoland
Santiago Perez, Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)
Natali Rodriguez, Student Farmworker Alliance (SFA)

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Pizza with the Provost Dr. Richard Prystowsky
Monday, April 10
GB 252.02

Lunch is on Dr. Prystowsky. Students are invited to join Dr. Prystowsky for pizza and drinks and good conversation.

Dr. Richard Prystowsky

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Critical Imperatives Facing U.S.
TOPIC: Crony Capitalism
Tuesday, April 11
GB 252.02

Talks and presentation facilitated by key LCC faculty that cover the critical issues that our country is facing.

Economists call it "crony capitalism" when wealthy capitalists, bankers, and CEO's form close ties with politicians that enrich their pockets at the expense of the public. Crony capitalism is an old phenomenon. Even Adam Smith described it over 240 yrs ago. But some economists believe that the combination of technology advancements and the political triumph of Donald Trump and others is leading us into a new era of crony capitalism. Learn what crony capitalism involves, how to spot it, and what its effects are for you.

James Luke, Assistant Professor
Economics Department

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Own Your Voice: Exploring the Art of Communication Summit
#OwnYourVoice | #CommBetter | #FindYourSpark
Thursday, April 13
GB 252.02

How can you communicate authentically? Do you want to leave a lasting impression? What can your personality type tell you about yourself? Defining these things for yourself takes work and intentionality.

Get access to three speakers who will help you get super clear on your PURPOSE, PERSONALITY and POWER. Our goal is to provide LCC students with the tools to communicate confidently, authentically, and effectively.

Sign Language Interpreted

Join us on Thursday, April 13 for a day all about the art of communication, with special guest speaker Holley Murchison who's featured in Glamour Magazine's March 2017 Activism issue.

**This event will be interpreted by LCC Professional Sign Language Interpreters.**

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Roundtable Discussions:
Uncovering our Aspirations for LCC
Tuesday, April 18
GB 252.02

The Centre will be hosting three small roundtable discussions across the college to help us uncover our collective aspirations for the LCC community.

Each roundtable discussion is a chance for us to better understand our aspirations, concerns, and the things we believe might make a difference in strengthening the LCC community. Findings from these conversations will inform the work of the Centre for Engaged Inclusion, the LCC Library, and the Centre for Teaching Excellence.

We invite you to join the conversation. Light refreshments will be served. For more information don't hesitate to contact Franchesca Cifuentes, Centre Coordinator, at 517-483-1287.

Franchesca Cifuentes
Centre Coordinator
Centre for Engaged Inclusion

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The Culture of Victim Blaming:
Responding to Sexual Violence
Friday, April 21
GB 252.02

This talk by Dr. Rebecca Hayes from Central Michigan University will talk about Victim Blaming and go over strategies to adequately respond to survivors of sexual violence.

College is supposed to be a place for learning and preparing for one's future. Some individuals, however, have termed it a rape culture. A rape culture is a place where the incidence of sexual assault is trivialized and victims are blamed even though rape often occurs. This is largely due to common expectations about gender and sexuality. This presentation will discuss this assertion of college as a rape culture, and why observations and research finds partial support for this claim. Then we will go over strategies on how to adequately respond to survivors of sexual violence.

Dr. Rebecca Hayes' Areas of Teaching Expertise:

  • Victimology
  • Gender, Race and Crime
  • Media's Influence on the Criminal Justice system

Dr. Rebecca Hayes
Professor at Central Michigan University
Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

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Critical Imperatives Facing U.S.
TOPIC: Social Security, Medicare & Obamacare Myths Debunked
Tuesday, April 25
GB 252.02

Talks and presentation facilitated by key LCC faculty that cover the critical issues that our country is facing.

We are regularly bombarded by politicians and pundits with claims that "Social security and Medicare are going broke" and that we Obamacare has failed. Some attempt to pit the generations against each other by claiming "the older generation" is stealing from younger generation in these social insurance programs.   The reality and truth is very different. Learn the facts, the truth, and learn the logic of how these programs really work and how they affect your present and future.  

James Luke, Assistant Professor
Economics Department

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Advisory Committee

Kevin Brown

Anne Heutsche

Melissa Kaplan

Daedalian Lowry

Kali Majumdar

Centre Staff


Gannon Building, Room 252.02, next to Student Life Office
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Co-Faculty Coordinator

Franchesca Cifuentes Andrade, MS


Margo Whalen

Partnerships and Resources

Service Learning

We are cultivating the next generation of civic activists who embrace the needs of their local communities. For more information contact Anne Heutsche at 483-1037.

College 101

For more information contact Margo Whalen at 483-9662.

PRISM Alliance

Our mission is to educate, support, and empower LCC faculty and staff to establish and maintain a safe and inclusive environment in which all individuals may lead their lives openly and authentically. For more information contact Jeanne Donado at 483-1307.

Black History Committee

The Black History Month Committee is dedicated to facilitating the education and celebration of the rich heritage of African Americans in History. For more information contact Robin Moore at 483-9616.

Women's History Collective

For more information please contact Lisa Haston at 483-1274.

Hispanic Heritage Committee

For more information please contact Monica Del Castillo at 483-1924.

Native American Committee

For more information please contact Eva Menefee at 483-1904.

The Centre for Engaged Inclusion at Lansing Community College

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