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WLNZ Cardboard Classic - Lansing!

Presented by LCC Radio 89.7 and Gier Community Center

Saturday, January 23, 2015
Doors open for registration at 1pm with the races getting started at 2pm

Gier Community Center, 2400 Hall Street, Lansing, MI, 517-483-4313.
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$5 per sled
(Proceeds benefit Gier Community Center Youth Fund & Your Community Radio Station, 89.7FM)

Here's How it Works:

  1. Build a sled made of cardboard
  2. Hold it together with duct tape and/or glue
  3. Throw some paint on it to make it look pretty
  4. Race it down the hill and hope it stays together

You can save a little time at registration by submitting your sled information below. Please provide one entry per each race you would like to enter. Then stop by the registration table with your entry fee(s) the day of the Cardboard Classic and let us know we already have your info.

Last day to register online: Friday, January 22, 12pm (noon)
You can still register in person at Gier Park the day of the Cardboard Classic.

* Racer or Team Name: (1 name only please)

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* Age Bracket: (Up to 14, or 15 & Up)

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Rules & Regulations:

  • Though it is not required, all sled racers are encouraged to wear helmets
  • Sled construction should consist primarily of cardboard, glue, and/or duct tape
  • The bottom of sled should consist of only cardboard, glue, duct tape, and paint or whatever is used to color the sled
  • Additional soft material items may be used to enhance to the aesthetics of the sled (ie. cellophane, yarn, limited amounts of sheets/fabric) but most of the sled must be cardboard.
  • Hard items that could be dangerous to you or other event participants The following items absolutely CAN NOT be used (ie. wood, glass, metal, plastics, foil)
  • You can enter a sled in more than one race -- it is $5 per race entered
  • More than one racer can ride a sled during a race provided the sled can carry all racers
  • LCC Radio and Gier Community Center may amend these rules and regulations as needed

What's the Cardboard Classic?

Each year WLNZ sponsors the Cardboard Classic event held at Gier Community Center. Contestants enter sleds made entirely of cardboard, paper, tape and glue, with designs only limited by the designer's imagination. Previous years' entries have included sleds designed as Viking ships, tanks, airplanes and even a plate with bacon and eggs.

All of the sleds are raced down the hill outside Gier Community Center, with each sled competing against the clock. The sleds are also judged on design, and awards are given out in the various categories.

Cardboard Classic sponsors:

LCC Radio LCC Radio  LCC Radio Audio Logic DJ

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