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Program Quality Improvement Process (PQIP)

Details of the next phase of the Program Quality Improvement Process will be decided in the near future.  This website will be updated as those details become available.

PQIP Overview

AQIP's Principles of High Performance Organizations describe the characteristics participating colleges and universities strive to embed within their culture.
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Where Does My Program Get the Data?

The data required to complete the PQIP Improvement Action Plans is available in a new Argos folder entitled, "PQIP", located within the Student folder. These reports are a modified version of the Student Success Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) cube and a new OLAP cube which enables programs to review their IDEA results by matching Faculty Information Form (FIF) items to student responses. You may access these reports by clicking on the button below (on or off campus). These reports are best access using Internet Explorer.

Click here to access Argos
 Trouble logging into Argos?

How to Use the New PQIP Phase 2 Improvement Action Plans

Designate a Program Faculty Representative

The Program Representative that was designated for the PQIP Questionnaire in the fall 2012 semester has been rolled-over as the Program Representative for the PQIP Phase 2 Improvement Action Plan. If a program wants to designate a different representative, an email stating the new representative's name and username needs to be sent to Jamie Stone at Only the Program Representative will be permitted to edit, save, and submit the new form. Once the form is created, any member of the program faculty may view, but not modify, the form.

Click the "Access the Phase 2 Improvement Action Plans" button below to begin creating your plan.

Click here to access the Phase 2 questionnaire

Create the Action Plan responses

To create the Action Plan responses, the Program Representative clicks the "Create" button.

Adding text to your plan

Although you may type directly into each cell of the action plan form, it is recommended that programs create the answers to the questions in Microsoft Word and cut/paste the text into the form. A character counter and a native calendar function to record meeting times are included to aid in completion of the form.

Editing the existing Action Plan

To go back and edit the form, the Program Representative uses the "Edit" button.

Saving your work

To save your work between sessions, the Program Representative uses the "Save Draft" button.

Submit your completed Improvement Action Plans

To make your program's final submission, the Program Representative uses the "Submit for Review" button on the upper left portion of the form. After confirming the final submission, the data will be submitted for final review by the Provost.

Argos problems

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Program Quality Improvement Process

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