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Parking Rates

The office of Parking & ID Services will keep the latest, up to date information about parking rates on Lansing Community College's campus right here! Check back often for updates that may take place regarding the cost of parking at LCC.

College Parking Rates

NEW Pay-by-Space parking fees in Gannon Ramp:

  • $0.50 first 1/2 hour, increments of 3 minutes for $.05 thereafter; maximum daily charge is $10.00

The following rates will be charged in Lot U, Lot F & North Capitol Ramp

StarCard Rate (Rates are in effect from 7am to 11pm)

  • $.40 per half hour, or any portion thereof, up to eight hours.

  • $.80 per hour starting with the eighth hour.

  • $8.80 maximum daily rate.


Free parking on weekends starting after 5:00pm on Fridays

City of Lansing Parking Rates

The following rates will be charged in the North Capitol Ramp, owned and operated by the City of Lansing.

StarCard Rate (Rates are in effect from 7am to 10pm)

  • $.80 per hour or any portion thereof.

Cash Rate (Rates are in effect 8 am to 10 pm)

  • First 1/2 hour free

  • $1.00 per 1/2 hour thereafter.

  • $10.00 maximum daily rate.

Please be aware that the no access is allowed in or out of the North Capitol Ramp between 10pm and 6am the following day. The North Capitol Ramp is locked and closed on holidays and weekends.

Student Semester Parking Decal

If you park more than 20 hours a week on campus consider purchasing the Student Semester Parking Decal!

  • Prepay for parking for the whole semester

  • Never have to worry if your card will be confiscated for insufficient funds

  • Park any time day or night during the semester in the Gannon Parking Ramp

The Student Semester Parking Decal is a decal that can be purchased by current students for parking in the Gannon Ramp during the purchased semester. A truly great value for students who are on campus more than 20 hours a week! The Student Semester Parking Decal can be purchased at Parking & ID Services on the 2nd floor of Gannon building.


Summer Semester: $150.00
Fall Semester: $300.00
Spring Semester: $300.00

1)The Student Semester Parking Decal does not guarantee a parking space in any authorized parking structures (Gannon Parking Ramp).
2) If the decal is lost or stolen, a new card may be purchased for the original price of $300 for Fall or Spring semesters, and $150 for Summer semester, no matter when the original card was lost or stolen. All prices are subject to change by Lansing Community College.

3) There are no refunds for the purchase value of the Student Semester Parking Decal. The Student Semester Parking Decal is non-transferable.

Parkign and ID Services at Lansing Community College

Parking & ID Services
Gannon Bldg, Room 215.1
Phone: (517) 483-1798
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